Online HACCP Course

I am working on our cGMP process and got into some things that I didn’t know that I didn’t know. I was directed to a course online from NC State that has helped address some of the issues. I am not affiliated with them and get no kickbacks. The cert will be a bonus, but wasn’t the reason I chose the course. It was affordable to me @ $275 and has already helped me get our facility closer to where it needs to be.

Does anyone have any other courses to recommend that is better than the NC State course or is at a better price point that will accomplish the same end goal? I have no complaints so far and its dry, but not so much that I am falling asleep.


Is the course online or on site?

Its online. Took me a little over 20 hours, but I also sent them a list of links that were broken and the new links to replace the old ones.

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