One of the best wickless&metal free dispsoable 2023

Perhaps someone are looking for a quality hardware and small size to match their oil such as Distillate, Live Resin or Live Rosin. Do hope we can offer this favor for you. Releafy VIBE is the best option on the market with the following features:

Cup-Designed --filling easy to fill
No central post–till last drop
No cotton --innovative heating tech
Heavy metal free test both CA and MI

Please leave your shipping information and we are gonna to sending sample for your review. :grinning:

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Thanks for all guys, this is a great platform here, very appreciated it. I got some fast responds in a short time about the sample request. Below is oil filling instruction of Releafy Vibe for your view first. Any questions let me know when you got the sample.

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Message @Medicine.grower he is looking for a large order of 1ml and 2ml



Hi Matt,

It is very appreciate you spend the time testing our sample of Trinity kit ( 3 in 1 Multi Use Dab Tool ) and offered this full review to us. We have deliverd your review to our Engineer for Analysis and see how to improve the battery life issue you feedback.

About the issue of you don’t think it has hot enough to completely evaporate shatter type extract. Could you make a further review? There are 3 temp setting, please click 3 times quickly and adjust to high temp make a try after you open the dab tool mode? (See below attachment of instruction -#1 Function: Wax Custter) The specif opperation as below:

  1. Twist the wax cutter tip to the device
  2. Click the button 5 times quickly to turn on (off) the device
  3. Click the button 3 times quickly to adjust the highest (third) seetings

Looking forward to your further reviews. Thanks in million.

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Thanks Tom. message sent, and waiting the reply from @Medicine.grower :grinning:

Are you looking for a pod that is of low voltage that not burn the terpene profile of your oil? I introduce Releafy Vibe of 1.4ohm and 2.0V to you, it proved by market already.

I am familiar with the temp settings. It is in the toilet paper manual sent in every unit.

I believe it was the battery or coil on the shovel not firing properly, although it was great for low temp dabs.


Thanks for your further update. We are gonna feedback to our Engineer. Thanks again. :heartbeat:

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Hi Folks, who can share the range of what is low temp for using Live Rosin/Resin?
It is within 2.8V, are you agree it?

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  • My flower typically burns with white ash. With the ceramic coil, I believe a higher firing temperature would help it combust more cleanly instead of dark ash. It may be residual oil, but there was dark residue left on the white ceramic attachment.

  • The soldering shovel-type tip does require a higher temperature for use with a wider variety of extracts.

  • Overall, the battery needs a higher charge capacity, especially if it is going to require higher coil temperatures.

Have you thought about adding a detachable borosilicate glass straw to the side to inhale the vapor like a nectar collector?


Perhaps a microfiber carry bag with pockets for the attachments?

The ability to purchase single coil attachments if users already have a larger capacity 510 battery or a coil burns out?

We can offer samples to you for showing from our USA warehouse at once if you have a booth at the Champ trade show 2023.

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When someone is looking for a nice disposable which works perfectly with the oil of distillate, live resin, or live resin, I would strongly recommend testing *Releafy #Vibe/Vibe Pro. It is the best option on the market with the following features:

No central post
No cotton (wickless)
Heavy metal free test both CA and MI
Voltage is acceptable for customing, such as 2.0V, 2.4V, 2.6V, 2.8V, 3.6
2 kinds mouthpiece for option

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Do you offer sample packs?


@Releafy I moved that last post of yours.

Please keep all advertising for the same hardware under one topic. You don’t need a new topic every week for the same stuff.


Yes, please offer your shipping information to us for dispatch sample for your review. THKS.

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Usually we ask customer if the voltage preference before offer sample, as market proven low temp works better for Live Resin and Live Rosin, high temp will broken the terpe. Sticktly speaking, within 2.8V is low temp setting, but some customer feedback the temp of 2.0V is not enough, so now we have 2.4V, 2.6V, 2.8V different setting except for 2.0V, that mean this item is accpeted for customing the votalge and resistance according to customer demands.

Releafy has self-develop all-in-one disposable, would like to introduce to you if you have interested or needs.
There are 0.5ml and 1.0ml, and covers some features I’ve noticed the industy is (slowly) beginning to move towards.
No cotton (no fibers around the atomizer that can burn)
No metal in contact with the oil (no chance of heavy metals test failure)
No central post (clear view window)
The biggest feature: adjusting voltage and resistance to fit your needs of a good flavor.

It is thankfull this customer reviewed Releafy #vibe pro, and placed order finaly.