Oleamide - An endogenous cannabinoid used for treatment of sleep disorders

Oleamide is an endocannabinoid that naturally occurs in your brain and is responsible for regulating and inducing sleep. After hearing some convincing anecdotes from a colleague I ordered 100g of it for $20. I took 300mg and it knocked me out fairly quickly without any psychoactive intoxication. I took it another night and it didn’t seem to do shit, but then the third night I took some, it worked and made me very shleeeepy.

One of the many studies demonstrating it’s role in mediating sleep: https://science.sciencemag.org/content/268/5216/1506

An interesting observation was that it seemed to compete with THC in binding to my CB2 receptors. I didn’t get super baked when THC ingestion while laying in bed after taking oleamide; I still got somewhat stoned, but the THC high just felt different.

Structural comparison of oleamide and anandamide

Although we mainly focus on phytocannabinoid discussion here, Oleamide has proven utility for the treatment of sleep disorders and costs pennies for a dose.

Has anyone else tried Oleamide as a supplement for insomnia treatment? It has very notable hypnotic effects and is far superior to CBN in my experience.


I have severe sleep issues. I can fall asleep, hear a noise in 1hr, and be wide awake until I normally get to try and go to sleep at midnight the following day.

I currently take 1.5 dose of sleepy night time crap (says non addicting). Kinda works. Looking for something else beside pharma crap.

Edit, I have a family, som I cant be incoherent if my kid wakes up sick or the lucky azzhat decides to break in my house and I have to get him to “see the light”.

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To explain my subjective experience in better detail, I would describe the sleepy effects as something akin to the effects of a good dose of Benadryl, without the shitty anticholinergic side-effects you generally feel with antihistamines.

Also this is what it looks like:


Right now, anything is better. I was taking flexeril, as that puts me out! But I wake up feeling “hung over” from it.

I have some cbn (assuming as old material) rich old crude to try out.

Im afraid of amazon crap.


Do you have a link to the above packets?

I’ll give it a go.

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i have tried it several times without much success. it seems hit or miss on effects

i have tons, ill gladly send you some at no cost, assuming you live in the states

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This is absolutely fascinating. Thank you for sharing this compound. I’m quite surprised that appears to be available from numerous vendors and inexpensive for decent quantities.

How much must be consumed to feel the effects you have described?

I’m very interested in experimenting with this compound as well.



I can’t seem to sleep without THC (need to try high-cbn again)…I’d love to try this.


Dm incoming

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hey tenhemp, any chance you’d be able to send a sample package my way…I was just about to search for the picture of the product you posted, then I saw your very generous reply…DM me if you can and I’ll send you my home address…I’d gladly throw you a little $ if need be. Just let me know asap. Thanks a bunch!

unfortunately the remaining bit that i have is already spoken for sorry

Thanks for the share and you may have found what I’ve always been curious about. Did you have any dreams taking this? The main reason i smoke green is to help with a sleeping disorder i have. When i was around the age of 12 i started having night tremors followed by sleep paralysis. This was every night of my life till 16. Doctors couldn’t explain why this was occurring and prescribed all kinds of things. None of it worked. i literally was at one point where i couldn’t tell what was reality bc i refused to sleep. I remember the first night after having an epic day smoking green. I went to sleep and for the first time in four years i didn’t have a dream. I have a 5-6 day threshold on last dosage till they come back. I always wandered what caused my dreams to be subdued. I think you might have found the answer


Yes! I have a similar burnrate… after 5-6 days without puffing I struggle to get to sleep extra hard and have VERY vivid dreams . Love to try something new.