Older material darker oil? Why is this happening?


Thank you for the good advice. I appreciate it. I am planning on fabricating a CLS with my income tax return.


Thanks you guys!


where do you guys source your stainless parts for that cheap? I’ve been piecing together a CLS for myself lately but I’m going to end up in the 500+ range for something somewhat small (<1lb runs)


That’s about right. You’ll end up spending the most on valves. Don’t go cheap as possible there. Your steel as long as it will pressure test, will be just dandy. Shopping between OSS, XD, BVV, and there’s a guy out there “buds hydro” he can get you steel for cheap. And actually build you a wee lil system for the price range you’re entertaining.


very cool, yeah the valves I have on the list are the most expensive part in the build lol


good! decent valves that don’t leak or fall apart is mission critical. I’d say bad things about the valves on some of the equipment I’ve purchased, except that the companies involved have up’ed their game at this point and I’d rather say nice things than bitch.


Anyone here familiar using “Best Value Vacs” 1lb CLS? It is going for under a grand on amazon, but I have heard nothing about these guys either way so looking for feedback (good or bad) before dumping a grand into a small setup. As far as size that is all I need. I won’t be running more than a lb at a time.


You have a link


I got my first system from them. It’s all Chinese and not bad, but I would retape and pressure test everything before use. My current system is a combo of parts to fit my needs.


Never purchased anything but parts from them. Have watched them grow from just selling vac gear, and have noted before that you can tell what the extraction industry is doing by what they are now selling. They offer a discount to gang members I believe


Freeze under vac… If you can’t freeze fast enough


it depends on the machine that was used, wet trimmers vs dry trimmers.