Old rosin equipment wanted!

Just like says, my really good friend looking into some rosin equipment…

Figured I’d ask the community… Anybody got an old rosin press they wanna sell decent price so someone can learn on it … They don’t do large run…8oz material Max…but if it’s great deal…hmu


…love it, and hold it, and squeeze it, and call it george… :wink:


You think that big ass yeti thing yould do 20 tons on an arbor press?


I did a harbor freight 20t H frame, and 3x5" plates/pid from lowtempplates. I sold this setup 3yrs ago, no profit. I also have a great tek down for it as well. Flower, hash, kief temps and times.


You should teach all the people I know with similar setups and continually make shitty rosin.


I got hot and heavy into a drip tech setup with bva hydraulics for Mass production of rosin. Couldn’t scale it enough and not enough demand so I sold it immediately. Checkout crd.inc on Instagram for budget drip tech setups. Checkout eBay for a used bva hydraulics ram and hand pump.

Shit crd even makes a cheap 5lb kief tumbler built into a freezer lol


I’ve got a sasquatch for sale


How much what size

I have a nugsmasher 10 ton press:grinning:


Ya still available

I was about to purchase a press. Would you recommend a Nugsmasher?

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Yeah I have tried pretty much every press obviously the Sasquatch one is good but that’s more of a commercial press I don’t think you need to do that much but even if you do the nugsmasher can do 14 g at a time obviously you wanna work a little bit slower with quantity, but I have also tried a whole list of others and nothing compares to the nugsmasher! I would get the regular one (OG) unless you want to get into mechanical separation- then it always helps to have numbers. Although,a true aficionado would say get your hands in the dirt feel it know it love it hahahahaha :rofl::peace_symbol::green_heart:

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Do you have any advice for a small scale high quality rosin setup? Any advice on where to invest and where to be frugal?

Any advice is appreciated.

I second the nugsmasher recommendation. I have a nugsmasher mini that I love

Buy plates and a press… build your own…



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