Oklahoma processing company

Whatsup, I own a licensed processing company in oklahoma(gnarly herb extracts). I am the sole owner and operator so we are a pretty small company… I’m looking to see if there might be any interest in some sort of partnership/investors to help my already existing company grow and expand or to possibly even start a new company here in Oklahoma with a new location. Currently I already am licensed, own the property, building, and my extraction equipment. What is hard for me is to package, drive around and make sales, drop samples off for testing, all the paperwork, marketing, etc… all while focusing on making extracts. Just a thought I’ve been having and wanted to see what interest was out there if any at all🤙 ! Check out my Instagram @gnarlyherbextracts IMG_20200111_221229|666x500


Nice work. Hit us up at 1-833-Pure-Gas and ask to speak to Lex. We have quite a few customers in OK that may be able to collaborate with you…