OK: your non-c1d1 days are limited…

Just got the word, from a little tweety bird :hatched_chick:

Fire Marshall’s and inspectors are tired of having to be on site and deal with so many incidents involving solvents.

I was told by my gas guy, if you don’t have a C1d1 or c1d2 set up, you won’t be able to purchase any solvents.

Starting in about 10 days, you will have to pay $100 to have them come and inspect your set up. Only then, will they write you off to accept solvents.

This is going to effect quite a bit of extractors in the state. Will this change the pricing? We shall see. Again, this was told to me by my gas supplier, and I have no idea if it’s statewide or just in the cities.


Wait let me get this straight, in OK they are (were) allowing extractors to operate without a classified space? Were they at least outdoors? What kind of wild west shenanigans is this?


Yeah dude id say at least half the labs operating in OK have no classified space at all, c1d1 or d2, unless they are in OK county or built it out so they don’t have to deal with this stuff when regs come most i have seen just moved to unincorporated land or out of city limits so they don’t have to deal with pretty much any regulation besides having an occupancy permit.

@Boomtownpharms thanks for posting even if its just word of mouth its something that needs to be addressed. I have a feeling they are one big explosion from putting state regs together, but I’ve been saying that for a year now.


I just stopped giving a crap on this topic


Just an option…. Drive down to DFW. That’s where I use to fill my tanks, at a welding supply shop.

Instrument grade n-butane ran me $565 w/ my own bottle swap.

Again, just another option in case the state keeps fucking with you.


I don’t care anymore

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I think safety standards are very important

Even if you feel like you are operating safely many others aren’t and this type of regulation protects people like employees at the end of the day.




Yes everyone what we need is more government control… :unamused::unamused: I miss the good ol days when you didn’t have to comply with anyone but yourself. The only people who this butane law will effect are the “chads” or the people who couldn’t break the law prior to legalization(chads). If there’s a will there’s a way. More laws just ruin shit. Needs to all be decriminalized and left alone.


I’ve been in about 8 Oklahoma mfg facilities. Most were blasting somewhere blatantly unsafe.

People saying Oklahoma isn’t the Wild West in regards to extraction environment :rofl:. Outside of OKC damn near anything goes


That’s why the market is currently flooded there

Literally no barrier to entry including safety or zoning apparently

When anyone can move there with a 5k extractor and some cheap rental property and a dream you are gonna have a saturated market.


Don’t forget the pesticide laden outdoor mids sold with fake CoA’s. Prices are great, the practices are sad.


If you’re not from Oklahoma move back to your state you can’t do shit in or beat the competition in please :joy:


I am anxious to see what happens to the bm after ok crops this year. Lots of news stories of huge foreign grows


That’s the way it always is,

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@anon16547145 the state recently changed laws so you either have to establish residence for 2 years prior or have a Oklahoma resident as 75% majority owner to apply for a license(unless you were grandfathered in before the law change :wink:)


y’all need to go rec immediately and slide the med program to 6 plant per person home grows

you are a smart guy, go lobby some of those state senate and congress dems. talk to them about jobs and taxes

give them oregon as an example

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if you are going to respond to something i post please make an effort to make a point and not just insult me