Ok, so I am going to run some “extract” polishing experiments soon. Anyone have any input?

First off, to ward off any flames:

I am not advocating anyone actually consume the products of such a process. Don’t huff resin people

I have plenty of cannabinoids at my disposal. I likely am not going to even consume the end product of such a process. This is simply an exercise in “i wonder if i could”.

following up on Polishing extracts | Skunk Pharm Research , I have often wondered how far a person could take cleaning up pipe resin.

My thoughts are to start by dissolving the pipe resin in ethanol and doing a winterize and carbon scrub like i was cleaning crude for distillation. The supposition i am making here is combusing flower would leave lipids behind in the residue. Next i was thinking of was filtration through b80. Any other suggestions how i can make my project even more ridiculous?

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I just want to encourage full analytics after the fact.

pretty sure the process has been done (repeatedly), and even documented at least a couple of times (@Pharmer_Joe comes to mind).

although I’ve never seen it taken to distillate, and us cabiness folks have gotten more sophisticated with our color redemption relatively recently.


any idea the cost of such testing?

where are you?

I’m sure someone here can help…probably close enough for you to take samples to. There are lots of folks with fairly sophisticated in-house analytics, as well as folks running or working at 3rd party labs.

I’m flying blind right now…and I hate it!

Fortunately, I’ve been doing this long enough that I’ve got high confidence the tweaks I’ve made here are improvements, AND their GC will be back shortly…so if I’m wrong I’ll learn from it.

There is an hplc and operator “associated” with my next gig (we’ll see what that means :wink: ).

If you’re close enough to drop samples in Eugene OR, I can probably get them done on an HPLC DAD.

If you really want to know what sorts of scary things (combustion products: quit setting your meds on fire!!) you pulled along for the ride, you want someone with an expensive mass spec (LCMS/MS tripple-Quad) and an extensive library.

They are not gonna be the kinds of things one would normally look for in cannabis.


east tennessee

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yeah, ok…

not yet!

TLC kit might be your best bet. however that isn’t really gonna tell you much more than “it’s decarbed” & “bunch of CBN” (maybe).