Oil in water emulsion microscopy

I’ve been playing with low energy spontaneous nanoemulsions, or at least in theory that’ll happen. I’ve been taking some pictures along the way, maybe someone here will enjoy them.

Each line division is 0.01mm. Surfactant system is polysorbates with a SOR of 2.

These samples are unfiltered, I think these photos are pretty cool, nothing special happening here and is the first sampling after introducing water to the organic phase. I think we’re seeing the macro emulsions coalesce here.

Looking with 10x objective here. I want to do an experiment with only polysorbate, no canna oil and see how the droplets differ. Particularly what they look like ‘inside’ as they do here. I think its interesting how there is a hefty mixture of droplets in various sizes. I suspect the nano emulsions form pretty much immediately after mixing the two phases.

Post 0.22um filtration. Not sure these would qualify as nano. It’ll be really interesting when I can mix in the GC for quantitative analysis. I’d like to go deeper with more magnification. Not sure I’m seeing what I want to see with my 100x oil lens, and I can’t see a damn thing with the 10x or 25x attached to the scope.

Bonus focus stacked image from the bud I just smoked