Offering testing in Kentucky serving the US

Our lab has remained open while we’ve implemented procedures to keep our scientists and staff safe. All non-laboratory staff work from home and lab staff use proper PPE in a very spacious facility.

Since we have capacity on our instruments, I’d like to offer our winter pricing to this community.

We currently screen for 18 cannabinoids and all of our testing includes quality controls, such as internal standards. Turnaround time for potency is still between 1 and 3 days for most samples.

The full list of our testing and specialized services is on our website

Reach out to us on our site or message me on here. Thanks!

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What’s the price for cannabinoid content

Starting at $75 for one sample. Volume commitments bring it down significantly.

ouch. I’m getting 24 hr turnaround for $50 down the street from me for a single sample

We can get down to those numbers, but not for a single sample.

What kind of commitment are you looking for to get down to 50$ per?

100% of your business

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