Offering Consulting services mainly CRM and production flow. However I’ve done most everything in the extraction field

Haven’t posted on here in a while but I’ve been consulting for a long time used to be one of the verified consultants back when future4200 had them. I still build labs, design products and offer a ton of different SKU’s as well as market analysis and general extraction and short path operation.

I have a ton of great cheap sources for used and custom equipment as well as factory direct China contacts. I have access to a large skilled labor network to staff your facility. And I have outlets for your products if they are cheap and quality enough for my network,

MY MAIN PROJECT HAS BEEN: internal tracking CRM options turning your existing excel or tracking system into a more automated option.

From the warehouse, to production, inventory, and the flow from getting a sale to sending it out the door and making it easy for your team to automate that process without a large in depth cannabis background required.

A lot of my clients can’t find or don’t want to use general managers or operators from the cannabis space for their vape or product manufacturing spaces and need a way to have a more guided and laymen approach to assist their less experienced workers and management. This is where I come in.

For instance even just in excel for a lot of people which is quick and dirty but cheap.

We load all your offered products and all their variations and it’s ran from a sales driven perspective.

Based on your sales demand your sales team can make an entry of a sale that then transfers to the lab where it turns into a production manifest that then tells the team how much of what products to make and exactly what they need to use to make them and how to do it and tracks the inventory being used up to make these orders so they then can be replaced before running out and then moves to a tracked ready to be shipped inventory sheet/system.

Seperately there’s a warehouse system design that helps manage and find all your inputs, consumables, etc in your warehouse and allows very cheap unskilled labor to follow the procedures and your upper management to track and lead the process remotely or with little physical oversight.

Essentially what CRM’s were designed to do but manually and not costing 150k and taking a year to implement. Most of my clients I adapt their existing excel documents and edit them to communicate to quickly and cheaply update their system.

Let me know if any of this is of interest!



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