Ocitytimes' new filling machine

Ocitytimes just dropped a new filling machine
I use this companies carts all the time and they have always been reliable. I have talked to many producers about filling machines and I dislike the design, not to mention the price, of the one good American option I’ve seen. Ocitytimes has multiple models already out but I was worried cause I couldn’t find one to look out near me.
This designs looks a lot better tho and its even cheaper

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Ypsoil for the main reservoir and heater with a chemistry stand. Look at the T&D replacement parts and order better stuff online cheaper. CNCzone.com will give you everything you need to make it automated. Don’t spend more than $1000 for a fully automated system unless you like throwing away money.

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I would love to see a link for the main reservoir. Googling Ypsoil doesn’t seem to bring up anything useful.


My bad. Dabbing while typing can be bad mmkay.

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To this day I’m still having problems with the OCityTimes glue filling machine which has been bodged into a pen filling machine.

It’s truly the bane of my life. We spent thousands on a filling machine, only to waste distillate and time in the process of trying to get it to work smoothly, and then only to end up filling the fucking carts by hand anyway.

I obviously can’t speak for the new machine, but their old machine has been nothing but problematic for us. Unless you’re filling thousands a day, I don’t think the machines are quicker anyway, especially as most of them still require you to screw the cap on after fucking up the quickest and easiest part of the filling process for you.

which one? cause they hav a few that looked lik terrible designs. lik the one that filled carts upside down lol

lol i agree with you but thats cause i dabble in microelectronics lik arduino and hav some experience with 3d printers already and its not trivial to get gcode programmed and working for something like this so even if u can do the mechanical conversion urself i dont most think people will end up going that route unless they are already familiar with the technology.

Really? 1000 bucks for fully auto? Sheesh… Im over here about to slug out 7 grand on a manual TD this week and you make it sound so ez to diy something fully auto… Going to attempt this.

yea do it!! down the 3d printing rabbit hole

theres alot of good resources id check out for converting 3d printer to solder dispenser which is prob closest well document thing online. or check out the 3d printers that print sugar or pancakes. those usually use syringe dispensers



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Great link, there are some very creative people. I wonder what printable plastics are compatible with terpine blends, as well as the actual oil.it would be nice to print something like uhmw, or ptfe.

Wow I would love to see someone follow up on this!

@Plant2pipe do you have a link you can share with this new machine they offer?

It’s the very first line of his very opening post.

Click the ‘Ocitytimes just dropped a new filling machine’ line.

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thanks for the Reco.

our simple system can be extremely fast and is extremely low cost -

it’s great for a small to medium sized operation.

*keep in mind that our system is only as fast as the operator

Seems to me that by the time an operator pulls the carts from the packaging, inspects, drops into the jig, loads the jig, fusses with the bot, cleans up, unloads, screws the tops on, repeat…that same operator could have been doing one by one with an accurate benchtop and been just as fast.

Am I wrong on this?

What about level drop in the first carts sitting uncapped while the rest are being filled?

1 jig load (lol) could fill over 100 carts so u could do them all at once even if doing it manually.

What model machine are you having issues with? I’m about to purchase their heated F1 system but will hold off if you’ve had issues.

Do you have a video of your heated metered unit in action?