Npt vs jic inner diameter

I am about to pull the plug on a 100# solvent tank from alibaba.
It comes with 1/4" ports.
Will that slow me down during recovery (active) vs 3/8 ports?
Can anybody that has calipers please measure the inner diameter of a 1/4" mnpt fitting and the same for a 3/8 mjic fitting?
Thanks in advance.

Heres the pick she sent me. I swear those look like 3/8 ports. Can anybody tell what those are by looking at them?

I would go with welded FNPT ports since you can just add the JIC fittings on that and swap them out if you ever need to.

Really tough to tell from the picture. Ask the Chinese artificial intelligence to send the you the fabricators drawings for approval. They use Arabic numbers like us.

If it was me I would be getting 1/2” fjic Ports and reducing if necessary


The biggest jic flare that can be used on a 1/4npt fitting effectively is a 3/8jic and even then it’s reducing it very very slightly, if I had a choice I’d go 1/2in compression fittings on a tank, with US compression fittings welded…


Im not getting it custom made.
These are super cheap tanks (100# $250 before shipping) but if i have to have them change things its expensive.
She said they have center caps that have 3/8 ports and shell include it.
You basically answered my question. So a 1/4" mnpt id is not that far off from a 3/8mjic id.

How would you valve it like that?

get 1/2 ports and adapt them down as needed. you may find you enjoy the new found speed of much larger lines.

Im not running passive so idk how muxh faster 1/2 would be vs 3/8 but i feel you

It truly does not matter what method of recovery your using a bigger line will always be faster. Plus if you ever want to use the 1/2” port down the road you’ll have it

It’s super cheap for a reason the thing is probably only 2-3 mm thick you want 5 mm steel ask them what the pressure rating is most likely only 150 psi

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It’s an 1/8” of an inch different…

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But if the pump itself is only piped amd fitted with 3/8 then 1/2" ports arent going to increase speeds over 3/8 ports. Right?

And ya itsa 3mm tank

The inside diameter of pipe depends on the wall thickness.
Most pipe is schedule 40.
[,40,80Specifications](http://Pipe Dimensions)

Beware 1/8" JIC pipe.
1/8-27 tpi is the ANSI standard thread but the Japanese use 1/8-28 tpi threads which is a British standard.
1/8-27 will fit in 1/8-28 but it will jam and leak no matter how much you tighten it.

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Ya there just fittings. But either way get what you want I’m just trying to help

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So with that being said 3mm tanks arent any good?
I get it would have a lower psi rating

You indeed are helping.

If it’s just 3mm You will not be able to run any propane in that it’s just for butane. Propane requires the vessel be able to withstand 3x the amount of pressure that will be produced or if your only using a 6” spool it has to be rated to 350 psi