Noobs guide to quality and who to trust

Hi Team,

Back in 2011/2012, I was the first person I knew in CO with a vacuum oven and sanitary spools making extracts (Crudely as the times were). Shortly after I moved to Texas and really haven’t been paying attention to the industry. Well, I just moved back (CO Springs), and I’m hoping someone can give me a short rundown on what I should be buying in regards to concentrates and flower. I’m fairly familiar with the basics, I’m seeing what’s happening with CRC, diamonds, terpenes and isolates.

There’s such a wide range of quality in the shops, and I honestly don’t feel like I can trust a lot of these places. It doesn’t even really seem like the employees are that knowledgeable. I’ve also had enough friends that I’ve seen storage units full of year+ old vacuum bags of shitty outdoor that gets sold to shops and pawned off on unsuspecting buyers.

I bought some “Live Resin” and honestly wasn’t very impressed. Same with some flower I got recently, it was dry as dust and didn’t taste like anything.

So, what should I be buying? What should I avoid? Any questions I should be asking? Live resin, diamonds and sauce, or is shatter and butter still a thing? And what producers/growers and shops should I trust?

I just want a safe, quality product that is worth the price they’re asking.

If there is a resource available for this already, please point me to it and feel free to delete.



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One year in and I’ve made my share of connections. Depends what you are trying to do. If you want to process flower/trim to finished concentrates the market is saturated with D8. Really good shit can be 4$ a gram.

I’m a noob too