Non-crystallizing CBD distillate, Free flow CBD distillate

Im looking for a reliable source for non-crystallizing CBD distillate. Need to have COAs, needs to be made in the US using US grown hemp. DM me if you have what I need.


Are you looking for T-Free or Full Spec?

At this point, I’d prefer t-free but I’m having a problem with finding a reliable source for any NCD. I know that THC helps with the entourage effect. As long as its under the .3% THC, Ill take what I can get.

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Any idea of volume?

Looking for samples initially(we can pay for samples). Once Ive got a finished product in had and get approval from my bosses, looking between 5-15 kg a month.

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I can fulfill this for you. Dm me exactly what you need and a contact number. Thx

Hey man I’m also looking for this can you dm me

also looking for t free non-crystallizing CBD distillate.

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Hey Snook,

We are UK based - do you still have free flow CBD distillate, non crystallizing CBD distillate?

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Hey Olsirus,

Did you ever find the non-crystallizing CBD distillate?

I’m looking for something similar for the UK market.

Hey, new here on f4200. Sorry to resurrecting an old post. Used search function to land here. Looking for smaller amounts of CBD distillate. Can’t PM you, but interested in getting in touch with you. Are you still able to provide smaller scale sales?

Yes dm me

Hey man,

Looking for 120ml/g of full spec or broad spec cbd. Thc content should be <30mg/g. And also looking for some cbg not sure if you can assist with that too. If you can give me a price shipped to NY. :pray: