Non cannabis derived terps added to diamonds

Are people adding “natural terpenes” to diamonds and sauce came across something from a company called “avocado extracts” (lol) and had some Sunday driver from them and it just has this heavy smell of something youd get from true terpenes or someone is this normal? I mean it has that exact same smell that they all do …what do you think guys?

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Of course. We have a brand of live resin here in Canada, they put botanical terpenes in their CrTech live resin so it smell and taste something. The products all look the same (even before the Crtech era lol), but the taste and smell is different.

oh ok cool i knew thats what i was smelling just wanted to run it by the pros and see if thats whats going on … damn sad to see :confused: lol Thanks for the input brotha much appreciated!

ive had some really honest live material that smelled similar to true terpenes, it wasnt crc’ed so they didnt have to add any flavoring back in or anything. If they are admiting to doing a CRC, and it smells like true terps its because they added it.
If you know its not CRC’d and is just fire live material, theres a chance they didnt add it in.
I havent had unadulterated CRC material that i liked, it always added this nasty pine taste, so im assuming people are either trying to mask it by adding in flavoring, or crystallizing, washing and adding back in true terps.

That being said, ive seen alot of adultered CRC products lately

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yeah its funny that you mention that cause i have something from another company called cannamartla and they have some that i was on the edge wondering if it was added terps for example zkittles punch strain but now that you say that i think its just so much terps in there naturally but the first comany it was a cheap g and honestly i havent even tried it cause I really do not like those fake terps lol was actually trying to mechanically seperate it on the rosin press from the terps lmfao which ended up a nice clean white powder lol but those terps man too fuckin much bro

Boof thca + boof terps.
Sounds like money.


yeah i get it lol just sad lol id rather push 120$ grams myself then to ever have my name on something like that i just been out of the game for a minute just had to get a confirmation on what i was thinking i was seeing

Fake terps should not be introduced to a banger. A cart is one thing but high temp dab + fake terps equals nasty carcinogens.


Naw fam go like DAF with silica on that science and slam dunk it on a red TI NAIL!
Lmk what the bubble gum flavor tastes like black

Edit: this is bad sarcasm. People actually do tide pods so disclaimer

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Yeah exactly man sad to see that thats what they are doing but i can’t say I didn’t see it coming only a matter of time…gonna try and fuck with making some rosin diamonds this year, any of you guys have experience making rosin diamonds n what you think about them?( i know its old topic old news old product but it was always something that had my attention since day one)

Do you mean mechanical separation to create a slab of THCA isolate or “jar tek” to sugar it up?

isolate slab is what I ended up doing with it it was already in diamond form in sauce so just squeezed all the terps out n was left with the isolate

Look out for “Holy Water”. Top shelf FSE terps and diamonds.

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Get stainless steel screens and be prepared to fuck up your plates. Have a set of plates for mechanical separation and a set for flower/hash presses. Feel free to message me sometime I’ve done a squish or two in my hay day.

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