Non-cannabinoid portion of distillate

Did a short path run on some distillate that was chromatography tails (from THC remediation), column was c18 reverse phase with methanol water solvent system. The oil was about 55% CBD, 15% THC, before the short path. Sadly I do not have testing from the starting material. Expected to yield around 580g from a kilo. Ended up collecting around 800g of some good looking CBD distillate. The last 115 grams were collected as the tails fraction although there was no noticeable visual difference between it and main body. Ran on a custom 2L full bore setup, 190C-200c mantle temp, 10 microns for main body/tails, vapor temp 180-195c. Used exactly 1 kilo of starting material. After testing, here’s the results:

Main body:
Total Cannabinoids-71.5%

Total Cannabinoids- 80%
CBD- 60%
THC- 13.5%

Leftover gunk in the boiling flask (about 75ml):
Total Cannabinoids- 62%
CBD- 37.5%
THC- 15.5%

My question is, if you have 70% cannabinoid disty, what is the other 30%? Waxes? Fats? Has anyone done a comprehensive analysis of this? I’ll be doing one shortly and will post results. Id like to know if it is one compound in particular or a variety. It would have to have similar polarity to CBD considering it came out of an interchem420 chromatography machine so I’m more inclined to think it’s one compound. Anyone know a good NMR connect?

After slightly more digging, it could be a mix of fatty acids, Eicosenoic acids, stearidonic acid, linoleic acid, ect. Anyone have any experience with this?

Its a variety of di and triterpenoids, carotenes, lipids, alkaloids, stillbenoids, lignamides, etc… Medicinal Genomics put out a great Cannabis Constituents paper that goes through a large array of whats in cannabis, and from there you can determine what might be coming over in your distillation.

This is also why its so important to have more extensive protocol than extract->winterize->distill, many of these compounds are what we can refine out with common polishing techniques


how sure are you on those “total cannabinoid” numbers?

if the lab you’re using only looks for THC, CBD & CBN, you might not be getting a complete picture of even the cannabinoids.


Thanks I’ll definitely take a look at that!

They’re from altitude which I believe is a pretty reputable company,

On my phone right now, not sure if you can see the pic I uploaded but its the cannabinoids that were tested for those results

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Seems like they’re looking for most of them…

Pretty small amounts of minors if any in all three of the results, definitely my bad I should have said that in the OP

Is it normal that the main body and tails have a ~5% difference in THC? (The tails aren’t really tails, I switched collection flasks toward the end of main body because the flask was getting too full, the “tails” are essentially the last eighth or so of main body)

I didn’t think distillation was a viable method to separate THC and CBD, is there anyone using a short path to at the very least reduce their THC number significantly?


Hell yeah thank you my friend

Thanks for posting

We were talking 3 months ago about what the remaining 8.3% of my 92.7% thc disty pass was.

Iirc consensus was residual Terps, and solvent.

I tested some that came back 40% mistery sauce. I asked a lab to do more test and they wanted 55 per cannabinoid. I was estimating a true full spectum test to be over 10k. Meep.

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