No Center Post, No Cotton Disposable

Hello everyone, we currently launched a new disposable vape pod.

AD17, no cotton tech. Would you like to try?

Samples are available!


Is the vape tank glass or polycarbonate?

It’s polycarbonate.

Would be interested if it was glass

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What’s your probably purchase quantity?
If your quantity is large, we can make it for yu.

Can we get samples

sure, please check your DM


Real feedback.

Welcome to try samples.

What is the chemical compatibility of Polycarbonate with limonene or other terpenes? Do you have any literature you can share

Obviously this must be a product engineered to be compatible with all ingredients commonly used in vapes, correct?


The tank is PCTG, PCTG is a family of transparent materials with a very wide range of applications, e.g. in injection molding, blow molding as well as extrusion. PCTG provides excellent transparency, very high impact strength and chemical resistance. PCTG complies with the EU directive 10/2011 and FDA and can be used for different types of applications with food contact”. (quoted from Biesterfield )

AD17 tank is designed by eco-friendly PCTG material. If you’re concerned about whether is safe or not of using it. The answer is no, you don’t need to worry about it. AD17 applies food grade PCTG material as the vape tank, and PCTG has passed the US FDA Food Contact Materials Regulations and is widely used as food, medicine and cosmetics industry. Most of the heat will be taken along with the vapor and the temperate of the coil will be always lower than 60 degrees even its pressured over 10 sec at 80 watts. ( PCTG is capable of supporting no higher than 110 degrees ).


I don’t know if you have ever seen this cart from Ccell before.
They use PCTG as tank too.
And all of this style carts are using PCTG tanks.

So you don’t need to worry if there’s any reaction between your terpenes and the tank materials.

Color&Logo customizable

Product is very good that our customer introduces it to another customer.

Come on and try, you’ll be very happy with it.

Customer feedback~


The filling step.

Doesnt matter at all, informed buyers from dispensaries dont want to carry plastic carts and will choose a glass cart over a plastic every time.

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Yes, I can’t agree more. Glass seems healthier, but the PCTG is no harm to body also.
That’s why there’s still huge amount of PCTG carts selling in this market.