nitrogen for etoh filter push?


Okay so I’ve used my closed loop extractor for filtering, d.e. - a.c. filtering/chlorophyll remediation with my last two etoh bucket tek batches. The way I got it to filter was by the compressor side of my diaphragm vacuum pump. It was attached to the top/injection port of my cls. It was filtering at 20PSI with positive pressure instead of under a vacuum at 28.9Hg. I just saw how to do a nitrogen push and it got me wondering what if you were to regulate the pressure of nitrogen for etoh filtering? Would it work? I mean you would essentially be filtering thru a cls fitted for nitrogen if one were to test this out so maybe it could work. So what do you guys think?


Many Liposome extruders work via nitrogen pressure, they are essentially the same thing but use track etched polycarbonate membranes with .5-200nm pores

I am building a filter and plan on using nitrogen to push.


Have you found drawbacks to using air pressure? Why would you consider nitrogen better? I am always looking to learn others perspectives


Using nitrogen is better as it is inert and dry. Air, especially compressed air, can add moister to the mix. An even better method is using an appropriately rated AODD pump to suck your tincture from a bucket and push it through your filter.


I’m planning on using this

a cast iron AODD pump, is that not supposed to be used with cold ethanol?


Damn it- cast iron… it’ll rust out.


Not really here’s last batch I pulled from my collection pot last night.

Well I was thinking nitrogen cause it’ll keep it cold and it’ll just force pressure into the vessel so I think. … Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

You can regulate it to force in 50psi so I figure 30psi more than what im getting now plus maintaining the cold atmosphere could work… As long as you bleed the nitrogen.

Again all assumptions.


Yes and no. You have much better pressure regulation (given you spend the money on a really nice regulator) although N2 is colder than air you aren’t getting much in terms of thermal transfer. If you used a low pressure dewar and pull N2 from the gas supply outlet you would have much colder N2 as it is generated from the boil off of the LN2. At the end of the day N2 is much better and safer than using air and should be used instead of air for sure!


Depends on what the wetted parts are made of, your seat/ball material, and the temp ratings of the seals. cast Iron should not be used with Ethanol but again just because the casing is cast iron dose not mean that the wetted parts are. ARO has pumps that will work for $700-$1000. You can get them direct from them or on Grainger.