Nitrogen burn

Please help me . I don’t know where to go :sob:
Are my plants on the picture showing nitrogen burn or something else. Plz help my baby

Overwatering. Let that pot dry out before you water it again


Maybe it’s just my monitor settings but the soil in the second to last images looks pretty dry to me?

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Over love. Don’t water them anymore. Get a cheap moisture meter. Or only water your plants when the pots are physically light


Thanks guys for advice . I just remember that 2 of the plant i don’t feed them but also they get infected this happen in 36h only all the plant was happy and green . The problem in our area the humidity is to high .

get yourself a long prong moisture meter. The top of the soil is not a accurate indicator or the moisture/wetness at the root area.

I use a micro emitter irrigation system so the top inch or so of my soil is usually dry (keeps the fungus gnats under control also) When I want to know what amount of moisture is at root level there is only one way to accomplish that…


I have had this particular model since back in my gorilla days in the 80’s. I have purchased several since kicking in again 6 years ago but none of them work as well as this one

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Gotta love these threads. I’m gonna echo what @anon56994712 said and they let dry out before the next feeding. You want the pot to be nice and light when you pick it up. The high humidity you mentioned shouldn’t be a problem unless it’s over 85% consistently.

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Welcome to the future @Murad!


Even then get the temp to 90f would be fine

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