Nexus Teton - 35,460 sq ft of Greenhouses for sale

Approved by @Future

Selling a 34,560 SF greenhouse structure from Nexus. The structure is composed of 8 18’W x 240’L houses. Structure is made from galvanized American steel and is very sturdy. Steel is taken down and ready to go. Was previously used to grow flowers and veggies for a nursery. This is ideal for anybody wanting to grow veggies, flowers, cannabis, or CBD hemp on a large scale.

Trusses and post are set at every 12 feet and have a snow load of 25 lbs/SF. Depending on where you plan on installing the greenhouse, you could place the trusses further apart and increase your structure’s square footage. For example, if trusses are placed every 15 feet instead of 12 feet, your total square footage would be 43,200.

Plastic film or polycarbonate is not included, only the structure. Original blue prints will be included.

Asking $10/SF (OBO) and will not be selling it in portions - new structures are usually $30+ so this is a great opportunity for new or existing farmers.

See link: for images

Please email or PM if you are interested!

What are you asking for it I might be interested