News break: our patent has been issued!

Detroit, Michigan June 25, 2021 – DMLIFT Inc., maker of the popular zirconia ceramic cartridges, announced the AIR RELEASE SYRINGE registration with the U.S. Patent Trademark Office (USPTO). This patent protects the company’s trademark rights—the product patent number US 11,040,144 B1.

“We are delighted to announce the issue of this patent,” said Shao Ma, president, and CEO of DMLIFT Inc. “We are the only manufacturer of AIR RELEASE SYRINGES. This patent will safeguard the design originality, practicality, suitability, and utility. We have also started a program to ensure that it will help us achieve our goals to produce a one-of-a-kind product.

Federal registration with the USPTO confers upon DMLIFT Inc. the legal presumption of ownership nationwide of the DMLIFT INC. PATENTED AIR RELEASE SYRINGE trademark, the exclusive right to use it on or in connection with the goods and services listed, and the ability to pursue legal action against other companies that use its intellectual property without permission.

In an attempt to offer alternatives to dealing with highly viscous fluids, DMFLIFT Inc. has produced a “premium” device with medical-grade components. The patented Air Release Syringe has a built-in Air Release valve in the plunger that allows filling from the back as it dispenses thick fluids neatly and accurately. This method provides precise control over how much fluid is dispensed and offers a variety of applications.

“Our mission is to develop revolutionary products that solve problems,” Shao Ma said. “Good ideas are contagious. Innovative problem-solving products sell themselves. This is because they improve the livelihood of both businesses and consumers.”


Do you have video of them in action? I am a little confused even after looking at your site.


Congrats on the patent!

What material are the o-rings made of? I’m assuming silicon. Is there a viton option? Viton seems to be more compatible with high terpene products than silicon.


This! 1000x this! Please, make a viton option!




Thank you

Could you send me your email

First, you fill it, then you insert the plunger and twist. Would you like a quote?


Thanks, were pretty excited about it. It took so long to be issued. We can make them with viton. Would you like a quote?

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Already done! Would you like a quote?

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DM sent

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Its interesting that you guys are making patents, while at the same time ripping off other peoples carts. Using those same people’s carts as samples before playing the ole switcharoo and giving them the boof. I hope yall know that this forum doesn’t forget anything.


Wow, this is huge congrats!

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What’s the patent number? Can you provide a link for the patent?

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