New Verified Members @patriotshieldsecurity

I am happy to introduce a new verified hemp slanger to the site.

Today I visited the Denver location at Patriot Shield Security and met with the owner, Andrew Ross.

Patriot Shield Security has been operating in Colorado for years offering live guard and video monitoring services for the cannabis industry. Just last year Patriot Shield executed a massive harvest and drying operation for farmers in Pennsylvania, leading to their current inventory of smokable hemp.

The website ( now features wholesale hemp products which are deliverable from warehouses in Pennsylvania or Colorado. You can buy from these guys knowing the product is actually sitting in their warehouse, not being brokered across multiple locations.

In addition to wholesaling flower, Andrew and his team also offer secure shipping of your hemp products via trained security personnel to eliminate the headache and risk of dealing with transportation logistics. You can sell your hemp across the country, or just ship to their warehouses for future distribution.

And hey - these guys are security experts! So if you need to upgrade your field or facility with remotely monitored cameras or on site personnel, I would definitely recommend getting in touch.

Your forum contacts are:
@Patriotshieldsecur @pahemp

Their verified checkmarks will be active soon.
Check out the pics below that I snapped of some products currently awaiting shipment from their Denver facility. QR codes and COAs were stuck to every container - extremely organized and locked up tight. !


The Cherry stuff in the bin was probably the most fragrant, but the hemp they harvested and dried in Pennsylvania was very dense + sticky (which is not typical for cured cannabis, let alone hemp in Colorado!) so I was very impressed.


aren’t those the guys that had a huge issue with not paying their employees

I don’t know anything about that. It’s a fairly small crew. Do you have more details?

some discussion on facebook and

l just remember seeing it discussed in some of the hemp groups


Thank you for the quick and detailed response. Im going to follow up on this asap.

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Yes… unfortunately we, like many other hemp companies, had a pretty rough first year taking serious challenges head-on, some of which we’re still working to overcome. We opened a massive hemp flower drying operation this year in an effort to help the farmers we work with offset the desperately low price of biomass. This project, with all the possibilities of changing the fortunes of all involved, turned out to be a daunting and over-challenging effort fraught with misfortune at every turn, including receiving “cease and desist” letters from multiple government agencies that actually shut us down due to the terepene odors of our drying hemp, right as we were gaining momentum.

And that wasn’t even the first negative government interdiction we’ve faced in 2019! On January 8th, Patriot Shield’s CEO Andrew Ross, and another Partner were wrongfully arrested while transporting hemp in Oklahoma, and had 20,000lbs of hemp classified as marijuana and seized during the government shut-down because they couldn’t even test it! This cost the company nearly $100k in court and legal fees in the first 6 months of a bootstrapped business. Charges were ultimately dropped, as the “marijuana” was proven to be hemp…

Despite the best efforts of our team to push through these challenges, it has been a slow grind back to our feet that has left many holes yet to repair. However, what choice do we have but to continue putting our best foot forward? The culmination of our efforts this year has left us with more than enough high quality hemp inventory to recover or, if nothing else, repay our debts. We have hemp! Great hemp grown by some of the best American farmers and processed by the best working hands in the industry. Please don’t shun Patriot Shield and slow down our ability to sell our hemp.

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so you opened your facility without an occupancy permit, chose to not pay your employees and call that a “rough first year”?

To me it sounds like mismanagement rather than growing pains

We had a verbal occupancy permit and confirmation from the city that we could move forward. When they pulled the permit for “malicious odors” even though we had an actual cultivation permit associated with out facility in an industrial zoned area, we were forced to shut down, stop operations and sales. There was no “choosing not to pay employees” - we lost our ability to sell the hemp we just spent all our labor on.

There was definitely some mismanagement and absolutely some financial miscalculations but have you ever hang dried 250,000 lbs of top hemp colas? We hadn’t either but saw the opportunity and tried to make it happen. Every step took about twice as long and cost twice as much as anticipated. Plus, due to rain, harvesting issues, trucks breaking down, and other issues completely out of our control, we brought in less than half the hemp we were contracted for.

Mismanagement… growing pains… call it what you want to call it @RedundantAlexithymia, but at the end of the day, we’re still sitting on thousands of pounds of premium hemp flower whose farmers are leaning on us to sell it.

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