New to the scene. Confused: Why is this the only place I've found online with good prices?

Hi all:
I recently started looking around online for distillate and isolate in order to mix my own ratios of major and minor cannabanoids in different forms for personal use. What I’ve found so far has confused me.

Take full-spectrum CBD distillate for example:
I found a couple of suppliers selling it for $500/kg, a half dozen for $700/kg, and the rest were in the $1000-$2500 range.

Then I finally found one company on another forum selling it for less than $300/kg. That post led me here, where I find numerous representatives selling their full spec cbd disty for $150-$250. Meanwhile their websites are nowhere to be found on the first dozen pages of Google search results.

My question is, if $150-250/kg is the going market rate, then why am I being quoted ten times as much by nearly all of the other dozens of suppliers I reached out to, and why am I only finding as low as $500-700/kg available everywhere else but this website on Google search results?

Can anyone suggest me other online forums/websites/marketplaces where I might find more suppliers of extracts in 0.5-1kg MOQ’s selling for comparable rates as here?

Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong in my search, or information or explanation to help clear up my confusion would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Generally when you see numbers as low as that, the MOQ is 10-100 kilos, or it requires some sort of remediation.


It also depends on how the stuff was grown. Most often the $450/kg is from really huge farms that use pesticides and even though they are remediated, there are often still traces (request a detailed pesticide COA and you’ll often see passable, but non-zero, pesticide levels). Some people (myself included) avoid consuming any amount of pesticides because of long term health effects. Basically you get what you pay for. With isolate, you’re a bit safer though.

It depends on your situation. Where are you in the supply chain? If you’re formulating products to wholesale/retail, then the difference in price will likely be minimal compared to your margin, and isn’t worth the diminished ingredient quality.


There’s a number of suppliers selling full spectrum CBD distillate for ~$250/kg on here. Their COAs don’t show any pesticides.

I’m buying for myself for personal use only.

It makes a lot more sense to me to buy half a kilo or a kilo and freeze most of it rather than spend ten times as much buying small amounts repeatedly from middlemen.

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I would learn how to read a full COA. Look for things like:

Total cannabinoids
Know the difference between ND and passing
Know what SHOULD be listed that isn’t in terms of metals, pesticides etc

Also, c do you research of the test lab. Singer if these COAs are straight made up and the testing company doesn’t even exist.

Good luck!


What kind of dosage are you doing because dear god that is a lot! A kilo will last you a long time!

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IIRC more than 1 gram of cbd a day is hard on your liver.

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Good question. I’d be splitting the cost and quantity with a friend who is also making their own salves and tinctures and such for personal use, and freezing a portion as well to preserve it longer.

I hadn’t heard anything about that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

My interest in buying 0.5-1kg comes from discovering that some people are selling it for such affordable prices these days compared to the markup on small quantities. It doesn’t make sense to buy smaller quantities repeatedly when I’d be spending the same amount within a couple months versus getting a larger amount that will last a year.

I’d be sharing it with a friend who’s also into making products for personal use, and freezing a portion as well.

Right now I’m just trying to make sense of the market.

Learning about how to read COA’s.

It’s absolutely wild how high the markups are on a lot of the end-user formulated products compared to what it would cost somebody to make their own.

I’ll be getting small amounts to figure out what combinations of noids and ROA work best before committing to a larger quantity.

But that’s my thinking.

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The main thing to know is that the retail prices for CBD are still the same as they were several years ago ($50/g retail), even though the manufacturing prices have dropped from $6000-$10,000/kg ($6-$10/g) to where they are now. With all the hidden expenses, risk, and challenges of the new industry, the price made sense.

I’m not sure why the prices haven’t corrected yet, anyone have any insight on this?


Lots of people are trying to make up the asses they lost on some of these “contracts.”


I’m also surprised people are selling their CBD for $250/kg, regardless. I realize that’s likely because of the overabundance of material in the market, so it will likely persist for a few years, but still!

I’m thinking that since the majority of hemp farmers got fucked and have quit or limited acreage that prices will go back up slightly. You are correct that this may take a year or two to normalize. Maybe I’m wrong, but s&d usually works this way.


You’re exactly correct. The farmers took the loss and left the industry so processors could buy cheap hemp and therefore make cheaper distillate while being profitable. Once that cheap commodity is used up, prices will go back up.


Wow full spectrum and distillate at the same time?!?!?!?

what will they think of next?!

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But it’s cbd
And it’s not a popular thing, does not do near the amount that it was claimed a few years ago, most of the truly medicinal stuff is full spectrum thc extract. That actually helps people, with the exception of anxiety and epilepsy!
Sure it does some good shit but it was nowhere near the panacea that it was claimed…
People know this, and it was a new thing that wasn’t what it claimed
Hemp can save the world for sure but it’s not the cbd kind it’s the textile kind that is grown for the guess and the fibers and maybe some cbd as a byproduct


To answer the OPs question, the reason the prices are so low here is because these people make the stuff , so there’s no middlemen involved


Welcome to the future @mystrudel! You have came to the right place to ask these questions, that’s for sure.

There has been some great advice already given above. Having raw cbd oil to formulate anything you wish is very nice indeed. I enjoy making medicine for my family with a liter I picked up a while back. It’s nice to be able to formulate whatever they need. On the other hand, it is a bit of a hassle to pull the jar out of the freezer, wait for it to thaw, get all the equipment and supplies out, and make some tinctures or edibles or whatever. It’s fun, but not so much when it becomes a chore vs a pastime.

To further that point, there are some people here that make products with a ton of cbd for a small amount of money. Just off the top of my head, @ky_cbd and @AshevilleExtracts have some amazing boutique level stuff that’s more affordable than most junk on the market that has next to zero cbd. Future Compounds has some great deals on super pure isolates and also sell some high dosage coconut oil for pennies on the dollar. Not trying to dissuade you from making your own formulations, because it is very fun, rewarding, and thrifty, but there are some other options that could save you a ton of time to get you right to your end goal without breaking the bank.


Great job!