New to making distillate

Hi im new to making distillate. Im looking to make a vape THC cart oil with D9.

CBD Oil: How To Make Cannabis Oil at Home - Easily! (

This was the process that I followed. I know in the video he used hemp, but he said that we could use any cannaboids that we need. This was also the only video that I could follow easiest. The other posts on this website about the process seems to all have 10,000 dollar machines that I do not have access too.

I followed his instructions step by step but I used normal weed instead of hemp. I covered it in ethanol and then stirred it for 3 minutes. Then I put everything through a sieve into another bowl. This bowl had the left over product from the bud I used. I then put the ethanol/thc mixture through a coffee filter. Once everything went through I put it into a water distiller and got the ethanol out.

I assumed it would take longer for the water distiller to work but it only took 5-10 minutes until I needed to stop the machine. I was able to get a distillate like liquid and put it into a seperate bowl. Now here I put that bowl onto the hotplate of the coffee machine like they did in the video. The video said to leave it on for 24 hours to evaporate the ethanol but my distillate started boiling so i took it out after like 15 minutes. The leftover distillate was very dark and had alot of bubbles.

This was my first time ever trying to make it and I want to know what I can do to improve or if there is a better method of making distillate. I cant seem to find many videos online. Can you guys help point me in the right direction?

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Hey bro sorry to disappoint you but you’re not distilling THC oil you’re distilling alcohol and what you have left over is crude oil that is not distilled


Can you point me to a video or a step by step process that shows me how to do it properly. Also what is the crude oil that I made? What do I do with it?

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I think it was @Killavolt that has some YouTube video s as well as the dude from summit research forgot Wich name hé go s by

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Perhaps… if you are trying to do this from home. You might consider - making a rosin pen instead of a disty pen. There is still work that you must do. But no distilling ethanol and no distilling crude.

Consider the option.

And also - what you have probably would make decent edibles as long as you masked the flavor…

Good luck and let us know where you land.

If you really want to distill what you have… you are going to need to invest in some glass ware - there are baby kits with limited controls available on amazon…

But really - it shouldn’t cost you 10k… probably more like 3k. And if you had used stuff… my FB marketplace is full of people selling their gear.

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Have a link ?

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it looks like his youtube videos are private now. Do you have a link?

Why a rosin pen instead of disty? Dont rosin pens leak/clog alot more? Also from what ive seen rosin pens are significantly more expensive from what I assume is because of the production process.

I dont need to distill what I have but I want to be able to make a good batch of oil. What type of gear would I need? is there a topic/page on this website that goes into depth about this? I cant find a beginner guide.

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Where are you located ?

Um. I don’t actually know how to share something with you from my FB marketplace.

Here is a photo of the top results for rosin press.

And here is what pops up if I search short path.

There’s like 15 pages of short paths on ebay right now… not that I want any of those systems. But there are options that probably have completely shit warranties, with completely shit efficiencies - but that costs less than half what he said.

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new jersey

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Hey bro let me start by asking you a few questions before you waste your time going One direction or another.

Are you sure you want to distill? What is your end goal? Are you doing commercial quantities or is that just for personal use? Are you somewhere where it’s legal?

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Any members in New Jersey ? To give a show off hands ?

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What you are talking about is not beginner tek. There’s LOADS on this site about all the things. There’s indepth spreadsheets about economics.

But why are you making a disty cart? What you have now is a CRUDE pen.

I can make rosin pens at home without distillation equipment - yes, I need buckets and screens and a rosin press. But that’s a lot less than what you need to do ethanol extraction, winterization, and distillation.

You can get a seriously fucking cheap ass press on amazon for like $500. With the washer, plus the screens… all in for like $1600…

But the fuck. You want to make a good batch of oil (how big) to put into pens… but you think that rosin pens (which some might say are better and easier…but take higher quality starting materials…) are shitty.

So - learn to read more. Use the search bar. Start with how much you want to spend - and work backwards from there.

I’m not there now, but I will be in April. I have a couple of partners that do edibles out there. I don’t know what he is trying to do but it seems really weird to me.

Still want to help, but the fuck man.


I am somewhere legal, I am hoping to eventually do larger batches but im trying to start small for now. 100 grams to 500 grams.

I do not have any experience so I am testing it out to see if it is worth the trouble. I was hoping I could be able to make good batches within a couple months.

Cool. So you don’t want to make for yourself. You want to make for other people?

You haven’t been here very long. Take a look at the Hash and Stuff section. Read a bit more - there’s a lot of bucket tek out there. There’s a lot about filling carts. There’s even long drawn out fights about which tek is better than others.

But you’ll have to decide how much you want to invest. What will be legal for you - how much risk you are willing to take. All the while competing with other people who are already doing it, and are driving from where they are now to New Jersey.

Good luck! We’re glad you are here and sharing your new adventure with us.

I dont think rosin pens are shitty by any means but I dont know anybody personally that smokes rosin pens. Everybody I know smokes disty carts. Nobody I know even smokes wax.

I wouldnt mind making rosin pens if it is better than a disty cart but I dont see them on the market so I assumed they werent great.

I was hoping to invest as little as possible first to see if this was even a possibility for me. I at first thought it was easier to just buy distillate and to fill carts myself but I bought about 250 grams of distillate and it was garbage. I asked around they said it was probably d8 conversion - D9, although im not too sure what that means. The people who are more reliable for it wanted me to buy by the liter, they wouldnt give me any less. I didnt want to drop 2000 on something I wasnt sure was going to be good.

I was hoping I could make small batches myself and it would also be significantly cheaper for me as well.

If @Cassin’s suggestion of a rosin press doesn’t fit with your market (there is something to be said about being a differentiator offering a disruptive product if you can inform your customers), you should consider purchasing distillate until you have the capital to purchase the necessary equipment and/or consultation services on making a safe & clean product.

Please do not put yourself or others in harm’s way based off lack of knowledge or testing.