New to diamond

So I used 3 oz of some super frosty sour diesel got what looked like a really good amount of bho I twisted the lid and burped it a couple of times but now about a hour and a half or two hours later I have barely anything left in my jar any tips?

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Sounds like a lot of missing steps. Have you read any of the various diamond threads.


Yea I’ve done a lot of reaserch but I don’t have all that equipment

I just blasted with butane had it in a glass tube put that into my mason jar it looked like a lot at first

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Well. Did you tighten the lid. And if u did. Did the lid buckle and let all your solvent out

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Yea I did let a good amount out any ideas on how to recoup any from this or is it a throwaway?

Just seal the jar and walk away…come back in 2wks…u’ll have ur first batch sugar good luck(o if u froze before , material solvent all!) Other wise u may have some budder…u really need to search through that thread, all the answers there,

About 5x! Same questions over and over! Just check it out


You should throw it away, I’ll come grab it


The jar won’t explode if I leave it with the lid on for two weeks?


Barely anything in jar? Yeah u should be good bro…lock her down , if she budders and not sugars u didnt run cold enough,grab dry ice and prepack and throw in dry ice cooler few hrs or prepack columns and freeze 2days before in normal freezer ,solvent couple hrs before in there too…

Thanks man sounds good I’ll update thinking of dropping a seed in there that’ll help speed the process up wouldn’t it?

If u done at right time…seeds need to go in at the slowly bubbling oil point but still really thin, good luck…

If ur to late it’ll just sugar usually

Hey so I jus looked and it’s seperating I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is the fats or crystallization

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Ur seeing Crystallization…after being sealed it separates…aka crashes out!

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read. think. then ask questions.

I suggest you go through these twice.
Only The Strong sauce tek
OTSS When To Cap, Request for Pictures

and then Search results for 'diamonds' - Future4200

THEN come back and ask for clarification.

or you could just load butane into a glass jar and hope for the best/start asking questions after you’ve started and expect somebody to bail your ass out…


~80g of weed at ~25% THC?
ie you might expect 20g of product.
so you’re looking for like 40ml (30ml is a shot glass) of material in your jar.

and you could trivially have known that up front…if you’d read first.

Edit: It’s not rocket science, but there are enough similarities that it pays to do ones homework…

and Musk knows what he’s (&)$#@ing doing…