New to diamond mining in jars read OTSS tek

Hi trying to crash out some diamonds from some old weed from last harvest in Aug unfortunately I dont have the money for a close loop so I’m doing this with a open blast glass tube pre froze loaded tube n beutane in deep freezer then dropped in dry ice n iyso in Mason jars in deep freezer after some tane cooked off at 70 degrees cured 3 days noticed a fat layer consolidate at the bottom. Brought to room temp curing now in jar wondering if I should be dropping it back and forth from the deep freezer to room temp every 2 hrs until the satisfactory amount of thca has crashed out or let it sit at room temp?..


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post better pic like of what crashed out and all… and video to show viscosity if possible

Go actually read the original thread again. This has been posted numerous times


why does it look so cloudy? As @StoneD mentioned all the info you could ever need is in the thread. I did a few runs in there open blasting before I got my CLS. It can be done but you will have tons of mystery oil in there and honestly, the smell and taste between my open and closed runs are night and day. Distill some solvent and see the nastyness that is left behind… All of that is going into your final product.

My first run on the CLS made me throw away my old open blast resin because I could finally taste the baloon/rubber taste left over from the mystery oil.

Go back to the ultimate basics here. You’re trying to force the THCA to fall out of the solution. You mentioned you’re using year old material, the amount of THCA left in there that hasn’t converted to THC is way less than if you were using fresh material. Your end results will never be where you want them unless you change a few things in your process


There’s actually a couple “can” taned companies claiming to use plastic cans that don’t need to be lube to keep from rusting btw making the can and filling…

Supposedly no mystery oil…

Puretane and Blue flame being the only ones I know of.

But I still distill this if was me

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eh they may claim that but it’s BS. I was running puretane for a while open blasting then distilled the rest I had when I got the CLS. There was definitely mystery oil in there. It wasn’t as much as others like Neon and Power, but it was still there.

I always distill now after seeing that, it’s not much work to do and gives you peace of mind


No winterization ?

When running a closed column open blasting with dry ice you can get pretty clean without it. Talking about no need for winterization unless massive ass open blaster(if done properly)

I’ve heard ppl freezing the glass tubes the same w dry ice also

@clouds that sucks to hear I never really got to try it, I think I can taste mystery oil when I don’t distill but it might be in my head. All I know is I don’t really chance it anymore


true, my closed column runs would come out less waxy than my CLS runs because it was easier to keep the temps down during the process.

You definitely can taste mystery oil once you’re aware of how it smells. I couldn’t detect it before when i was open blasting. As soon as I distilled my first batch of tane and smelled the residual crap left over, I instantly recognized the smell. I then went and smelled some extract I made prior with the closed column and it had the exact same smell. It was faint but once you know the smell it stands out like a sore thumb.


Geez definitely need to invest in a close loop before my next blast was already a priority for the future but seems like that’s now


@Killa12345 will get you setup right @Confusedmushroom


Update on the jar lid is still popped out a lil give with pressure from thumb I’m assuming what I’m seeing at the bottom is a crystal forming in that clear liquid? Or is this just some wacky looking thing caused by my open blast been keeping it at a solid 75-80 with a heat pad thx for the info from everyone idab916 def will check him out n invest in a close loop

Can you post better pic of whats in jar

got any pics of what you’re describing? Generally yes you’ll see the crystals start to form at the bottom as tiny specs and they will grow and expand over time

Uploading: 20190721_110931.mp4…

Let photo upload 100% before posting @Confusedmushroom

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If the waxes are not removed, nothing will come out.
an open system does not usually remove enough waxes.

if you’re saying open blasting without dewaxing will not produce diamonds, that’s incorrect as I did it many times before I started running a CLS. I still produce diamonds in my CLS without dewaxing. If you run cold enough the wax you get is minimal


Exactly if you run cold enough but I understood that I did it with weed that it was old and with very basic means, so I assumed that it does not cool well and that it does not use good filters. otherwise you are right