New to BHO extraction - Advice for closed loop system

Hi everyone,

I am new here, I found the forum as I have been searching for advice on making BHO in a closed loop system. It seems extraction info isn’t easy to come by, I am grower for the past 16 years this info is readily available but its been hard finding any info on extractions maybe ive been looking in the wrong places?

Anyway my plan is to make CBD extracts, I get very good cbd flower and trim and where I am very poor cbd vape pens are available so plan is to make my own.

I have looked at a 1lb closed loop system I already have a vacuum oven and 8cfm pump, before I do anything I always try to get as much info as possible and with this I think no chances can be taken.

Any info or being pointed in the right direction would be appreciated.



@Killa12345 is the man you’re looking for when buying a loop.

That search bar is your friend when it comes to learning about all things extraction. Welcome, you’ve come to the right place.


Also give all of this a thorough read.

Hi mate what is the link? makes me nervous downloading anything off the net :sweat_smile:

Right off the bat how do you intend to keep your cbd in solution? CBD crystallizes at around 30% concentration.

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I didn’t know that I do know one other seller who is doing this have no idea how tho. I see true terpenes do a viscosity for cbd now maybe something like this. I have no idea I am hoping someone can guide me on this.

No worries man! It’s a data dump from this site, you can go to the link on the left hand side of the forum as well. Can never be too safe!

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Thanks Wolf, appreciate it I will take a look now.

Make sure you have all the proper safety equipment and procedures before you even buy a tank of solvent. if you cant make it safe its best to have a pro do it for you

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Yes thats what I am looking for as wouldn’t mess around with this, I have wanted to do it for awhile a very hard where I am UK to get anyone to do it for me. Hoping to learn on here if anyone is willing to teach

We would not recommend using any anonymous fillers. We should really be aware of exactly what compounds we intend to inhale and should be doing due diligence in determining their safety.

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