New to alot of this

Hey how’s it going I have been extracting with a pretty basic setup I’m sure alot would consider under standard but it’s always worked and as far as safety I’m not really one to change things up without proper knowledge so pretty much I’m using a closed pressure tube about half lb with a dewaxing sleeve that I got from extractor Depot. I usually blast into a Pyrex bowl , so pretty much open blasting you can say still. Now prior to the whole crc wave I didn’t really bother to dewax or look into winterization as I usually would only do personal runs or runs for friends as I learned and always had really good outcome because I caught on right away that the material in was key. Now as the industry is growing fast I can’t help but feel like I’m lacking alot of knowledge as I now see the CRC being a big topic and as I said before I never cared for dewax or winterize because my end result would usually be very good or yellow so I felt I didn’t necessarily need it. Now I’m years behind and Wondering where I should start as far as winterization. I’ve recently connected with a buddy has really good material but comes out dark I want to learn how I can remove the dark color from the concentrate.

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Winterization usually involves a second solvent with higher boiling points which results in terp loss during purge. I’d read the original crc thread and go from there. Probably wanna upgrade to a full closed loop for crc though.

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Do you only use dry ice in sleeve or a dry ice/ iso or acetone slurry

I never actually used the sleeve I originally planned on learning how to when I bought it but I usually would run fresh very clean sugar trim if not nug so I didn’t really desire to dewax because I would always get very good stable results anyway

Yea that definitely doesn’t sound like what I want to do lol I just want to remove whatever it is that’s making the slabs dark

There are days and days of reading on this forum, well worth investing the time

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I’m fairly new to the forum but hopefully can catch on fast. Ive read threw a few though already just thought maybe could be extra help to post something specific to what I’m looking for

You are looking for crc
Place in search bar and have fun

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Rogue, when people blast with butane what size/condition is the flower/biomass in? Ground, whole nugs, etc.

Break down your nug after it has frozen on dry ice for 15 min


This is something I do I prefer broken down to fit more into the tube at a time

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Yea I def think that’s what I’m looking for I appreciate it

Broken in marbel size pieces in my case
Or grinded to clipping size with the leaf vacuum/blower
some grind to smaller
Some grind to powder

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The sleeve isn’t actually gonna dewax just helps keep things colder so you pick up less undesirables to begin with. Should somewhat help with color. If still coming out dark crc is what you need to read up on.