New Service: Converted vs. Natural THC and Derivatives

Agreed, which is why we’d love to see it!

Actually there is

And you gave me the results for it


Can you post the chromatogram for this? Idk if you guys still have it I don’t believe it was on the coa

That’s 100% total not 100% pure


That aint it though… there are 4 separate analytes in there.

Were talking a truly 100% pure product… which isnt ever going to be a true 100% no matter what any lab says.

I’ll only believe this is 100% of 1 kilo…


One of my customers used some kind of acidic IPM late and it was exposed to UV while hang drying. I don’t know if it was due to this or the lab having a bad day, but it had CBN and traces of D8.


Fuck that SOP. Trying to do that at 20L was the scariest and maybe stupidest shit of my life. And it doesn’t even work unless your reactor is near perfectly controlled. Too cold it goes one way, too hot it goes the other.


Sounds like it has at least a 100% pucker factor!! lol


Even if you have theoretical 100% THC, taking into considerations current conversion technologies commercially used, you should see a clear difference in the stereochemistry of naturally occurring and converted, hence converted THC is not as psychoactive as naturally occurring.

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D8 is always present in CBD buds, on a d8:d9 ratio varrying between1:4 and 1:3. This means it is in general 0.1 to 0.25%, i.e. a trace.
In THC buds it is even more scarce.


I have heard of flower with slight D8 in it, I have asked about that before here about a year ago probably. Before that I talked about it with a Canadian who claimed to have seen .4% in some genetics but never had any proof.

Theres a few threads on here about slight D8 in some genetics I think

Looks like you’re referencing yourself


I’ve seen some pretty high d8 genetics

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There seem to be reagents that favor this outcome but I agree that there are differences
The most intriguing this is when making Hhc
Natural thc distillate will give 65-70% hhc-R
Isomerized high d9 with a thc content D9 lower than than the natural thc distiller gives a higher
Hhc-R 60-75%
And high D8 gives a low 30% hhc-R
Like so often in many drugs R or S works beter than other in psychoactivity
In sassefras oil (natural) this ratio is known
And the reason that the mdma made from this precursor is so loved
I hope any of you has some refrance of R and S ratios in natural cannabis oil


Thanks. That was the thread I was thinking of

There are multiple synthetic byproducts that give away the origin of a substance or at the very least identify part of a substance/contamination.

D8 is not the analyte we use.

I’d like to test these natural D8 genetics everyone is mentioning. COAs from other labs are nice to see, but I want to look for the presence of the byproducts to help enhance our service.


That’s not exactly true. You can also use Piperonal/Heliotropin which can be manufactured by many different synthetic routes and the process of manufacturing the MDMA itself will push the spin of the chiral center into an equilibrium (unless you are specifically using steps to avoid that process) giving you the racemic mixture that you desire

Was it from oxidation/degradation of the product? Is there anything in testing that could introduce an environment to create D8? Genuinely curious.


Have you seen natural THCP products?

We have not seen evidence of it.