New Processing Lab Looking for Buyer Security/Partnership

Hi all,

I find this forum fantastic, so I thought I would reach out and see if anyone is interested in helping me/working with me.

I have an approved space in the center of Vermont (Vermont produces possibly the best plants in the US, if you have had any vegetable in the summer in Vermont you know what I mean) along with a fully funded and formed company, in an Opportunity Zone no less, and everything ready to go --except now all of the brokers I have been speaking with are not able to sell my products. Given that, and the fact that the more prices fall the more I need to sell to get a good return, I am taking a step back before proceeding to see if I can gain buyer security.

I have 1mill of extraction equipment with 100/pounds an hour capacity ready to be purchased, including cold ethanol extraction, distillation and isolation. I have interviewed some amazing chemists to join my team with 10+ years experience in compound isolation and more which will allow us to produce nano/water soluble products as well as create custom formulations for our clients working with multiple cannabinoids and unique infusions. We are also open to working with marijuana once that is approved in Vermont (likely in the next 6 months). For final approval and build out we are looking at approximately 5 months from pushing the go button. We plan to be organically certified - but will processes both certified and non-certified material due to limited organic product, but either way we will have the highest standards. We are a highly transparent, and honest company.

If you know of anyone interested in forming a strategic relationship that will provide buyer security, please reach out. I am open to exploring any sort of mutually beneficial partnership.

Thank you for taking your time and being a part of this awesome community.

How much are you trying to get for your isolate or distillate? Is your distillate t free?

I can probably help you move product

I’m not sure about the T-free distillate yet, we do not plan on putting everything through HPLC, but can likely do a lot to reduce the THC through other methods.

As for pricing, that depends on the market. We are not up and running yet. If you have any serious buyers who would be interested in working with me please DM me and we can set up a time to talk.



I would love to talk through possible. Us ones opportunities with you. Please email me at, or give me a call at 704-761-8083.

I look forward to chatting.