New Ohio/Colorado State Gummy Molds

I’m back again with more gummy molds for the future4200 family.:slightly_smiling_face: As we build out our stock inventory, our pledge to this community is to beat anyone on pricing on gummy molds.

This time with Ohio and Colorado State THC gummy molds!

  • 188 cavities per mold
  • Roughly 4.15ml per gummy
  • Fits half of industrial sheet pan (18x26”)
  • Professional food grade high quality silicone (much higher quality than amazon/ebay molds)
  • Easy demolding process for quick production

No minimum purchase: 100/mold + shipping - Discounts available for multiple

BUMP! Here’s photo of the THC mold.

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advice= instead of saying fits half a pan and showing a fll pan sizing on the first post= show what a half pan is and less possible confusion

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again- stats/ Is that the 1.3 ml and how many per mold. If its 1.3 or 2 I like it.I looked up and saw. Im gonna weigh the vectors- 2.6 grams on the 2 ml cube with a thin film on top filling it ALL the way like five guys fries. the slab cubes are like 4.6 grams but baries alot due to cutting. I ate one 1 gram gummy and got fucked up slept extra hours and had a huge pot hangover.

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