New lab equipment rundown

So we are putting in an extraction facility and are planning on using the following equipment setup. Please critique and advise on options. My parents are putting this in and basically its the blind leading the blind here boys and girls so Im trying to find some answers. Thanks so much for any input

Delta CUP-30 with permachill chiller
Bag filter setup from Lab Society
Capna Ares
Decarb setup from Lab Society
Beaker and Wrench wiped film

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Do your self a favor before spending a dime hire a consultant
I would recomend @Siosis
Even a phone consult will save you for sure


oh man you must have missed the horrific thread on b&w and their wiper.

i agree strongly with rogue, a consult is going to be the best way to make sound investments in equipment


Buy a used chemtech from one of the guys selling them here. They’re robust and once you learn it, it’s easy to transfer knowledge to technicians.

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Also makes sense if you would tell us what you are gooing to extract cbd or thc
And what volume of biomass is your aim
And what end products are your wish

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CBD only looking at running 1200-1800lbs biomass per day. Plan as of now is to get to distillate and wholesale.

Hmm i would have a look at heptane or hexane as a solvent
Still get a consult

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Get a consultation!! There are so many mistakes to be made. Don’t spend thousands of dollars and months later to learn your lesson that you fucked up. A consultation will save you so much money and time and headache.

Ayeee haha


Idk what the capna ares is but anything capna is awful in my experience.

Also you can get something that does the same capacity as a cup 30 for 40-50k cheaper

Can also get a solven chiller for 40-50k cheaper then what delta offers. Delta is like 30-40% more expensive then every other just as good supplier

Idk what decarb set up lab society sells but a 100L jacketed reactor works just fine.

Heyes filtration offers these great cartridge filters as well, I havnt seen anything from lab society that is large enough scale for a cup 30


Wait and buy a turnkey lab. I’m sure there are about to be a few up for sale with the way the market is headed.

If you don’t mind, shoot me a dm with contact info and pricing for a phone consult over this please.

I am not finding the thread you are talking about… I see a thread regarding their filtering but not of wipe. Can you point me in the right direction or elaborate on issues?

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the thread seems to be gone? i took one screen shot.

basically, the wiper that showed up was horrible packaged combined with what sounded like extremely poor customer service. i think the gear pumps kept shitting out

That is such a bummer!! what is wrong with people??



Advice is free!!! Let me know how I can help you. Been there done that!

I have both new and used lab equipment for sale. I can meet any budget you have. Let me know if you have any questions.

(619) 369-3020