New Hammermill (KannaMill) for sale

Hey Gang!
I have a KannaMill 4 (up to 100 lbs/hr) in Carbon Steel assembled and crated ready for shipment. This unit comes with two screens at your specified particle size requirements, both the infeed and discharge chutes, a collection bin, a shop vac for dust collection, a support stand for the mill and a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Let’s make a deal…

KannaMill_Standard.pdf (241.3 KB)


Brand new is $16,461.00. Happy to jump on a call to negotiate if you are interested.

Why is this 3x the price of a normal hammermill? What makes it worth the extra investment? Does it have a dust collection feature? How about conveyor systems to work with it? What controller does it come with?

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What would you consider a “normal” Hammermill? Everything that is included with the mill was listed in my initial post…3/4HP motor with a VFD drive, dust collection and collection bin.

Colorado mills, or blue hippo mills.

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I am not one to slander other milling companies, but our equipment is manufactured in Buffalo, NY and is made from 3/8" steel, built to last. We have engineered “knife” hammers to ensure that we can process fibrous/high resin plants. Other companies get their machines manufactured overseas and their advertised processing rates are not based on Cannabis material.

Happy to chat more offline if you want.


Moved your post for you but please post any future equipment sales in the “equipment for sale” sub category