New Gummy Molds

Some of you who don’t need fully customized gummy molds have been asking about our stock mold options. In the interest of giving the people what they ask for, I’m including six of Dark City’s new “blank” designs below in our Rose Pro silicone (although each design can also be poured in our translucent material). These particular molds are setup for hand fill but can also be used with the universal depositor. For now, MOQ will be 20 mats, since we have to pay to tool out the master, but if someone has already ordered a particular design then you can order as many or as few as you’d like. Feel free to DM if you have questions!








Ok I’ll bite, how much for 20 molds. I have a hunch, I’ll be like :astonished:


How much for 20?

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Also curious about pricing on 20

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@MillerliteRN Dm’d you!

Do tell :rofl:


Companies that don’t maintain their competitive edge with superior products and customer service hide prices.

Hiding pricing leads some consumers to assume you are offering nothing unique, and they will not go out of their way to do business with you, they will order from the guy who lists prices

its convenient that my current recipe fills 200 if my mold perfectly, 1 gram each after drying. Whats the total ml on the molds. per gummy and total for each sheet. i thought about it for 20 seconds and this source seems like they should be posting volume and not how many per mold. I used to have 500 mg per gummy in like 10 gram molds- too much for some and i dont wana hurt people with weed.

Lol don’t dm. Share the price with the community…

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Pricing varies based on quantity. Costs also fluctuate based on our raw material costs. With that said, our Rose Pro is currently $185/mat without any bulk discounts and our translucent is $145/mat without bulk discounts. For GLG members, we offer a discounted rate of $165/mat on Rose and $135/mat for translucent, the latter of which is the most competitive rate for platinum half sheets currently on the market :sunglasses:


Good point! Breakdown of volumes below:

Cubes - 1ml
Bears - 1.5ml
Gumdrops - 2.15ml
Squares - 2.5ml
Jewels - 2.8ml
Coins - 3.75ml

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We got you guys on gummy bear molds for 75$

Need custom molds? We got you. Nowhere near 180$.

We did shore-a testing and found no difference in “colors” of silicone. Our manufacturer said they could put color dye in the translucent to turn it a different color. Just my 2 cents.

We actually paid 180$ for a dark city mold. We’ve done our due diligence :innocent:

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You’re right, color is irrelevant. It’s a different material. If you’re making molds now, man, more power to you! The more the merrier.

You should probably make your own thread👀


Here’s some pics of past masters for any machining nerds out there…

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i understand that if someone orders a custom design , that a special master model has to be cnc machined.
But you have a few master models on stock , so why charge the machining costs again or take such a high MOQ if you always can reuse them and sell the same molds/designs to different customers ?
Correct me if i understood something wrong!
im very interested in those mats and curious to try out , but 20x MOQ on that price range is not easy :wink:

anyways great work on that machining! i know exactly what it means to work with cnc and create such clean shapes , big up


Thanks for the kind words! Good question. The vast majority of our work up until this point has been custom, where the client pays to have the master machined. Our stock molds are a new offering so folks with more general needs don’t have to pay for tooling. Trade off is we have to do an MOQ on uncut designs so we can at least cover the cost of cutting the master. Once the master is cut, the MOQ will go away on that shape and you’ll be able to buy any quantity. Our 5g coins for example have no MOQ. Totally understand that 20 mats is prohibitive for some, so if members want to go in together to hit 20, that’s cool with me. Hope that answers your question.

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alright , im interested in those 2g gummybears but cant buy 20 tbh , makes no sense for me personally since i only make very small batches sometimes.
But if someone else orders them , or you have the mastermold ready for it so the MOQ drops , please let me know i would instantly take 3-4 !


You got it. That actually may have been cut. I’ll double check and shoot you a DM.

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