New Gummy Bear Molds for Sale (F4200 SPECIAL DEAL)

Gummy Bear Mold Price - $100

After months of research and development, we finally have our hands on hundreds of gummy bear molds. We spent a lot of time buying name brand competitors, cheap molds off eBay, and everything in between. After being in the gummy thread for a month or two, I was determined to find molds cheaper than what everyone else is selling them for, while not compromising on quality or safety…

Here’s some details about our molds:

  • Generic Gummy Bear Shape (close to Haribo, not like cheap amazon ones)
  • 296 Cavities per mold (for fast production)
  • Professional food grade platinum cured silicone
  • 1.5ml per cavity
  • Shelf life 3-5 years
  • Flexible & Durable silicione make the demolding process super easy
  • Each mold fits 18x26 half sheet food pan.
  • Two molds fit perfectly on a full 18x26 sheet pan.
  • 100% Guaranteed High Quality Silicone

Shipping & Payment

  • We can take payment via venmo, cashapp, zelle, or credit card (+6%)
  • Shipping is around $10-15 depending on location
  • Shipping from Los Angeles, CA



These are rated around 28a-30a shore rating.

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Thoughts on these, @MillerliteRN?



The exact shape and size as above. The silicone might be different. Looks legit to me. Ill snag a couple and report back.


The ones you pictured above look a tad bit different. The silicone is 100% different material vs the cheap amazon/eBay ones :wink:

Your correct, those are the normal sized bears.

I dont use those molds anymore, sorry. The ones I use now are the exact shape and size as yours.

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Boxes of molds ready to go. Same day shipping.

Happy Monday!

Sale ends in 10 days!

Who’s ready to start making gummies?

friendly bump since I’m in for one and it should be arriving today/tomorrow!

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Multiple members have purchased. Thank you very much to everyone!

Sale ends December 11th!

Sale ends in 48 hours!

Looking for bulk molds? Message us.

Got mine in yesterday. Looks great and looking forward to getting started with it soon. Thanks again @mgucci

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Last time posting in this thread for a while!!!


Hey I’m ready to place an order was wondering how I go about it?

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DM sent!

Well I finally got around to using @mgucci molds. His silicon is of higher quality than the ones I use.

I have to say, I’m a fanboy of the bigger molds.


Did you use a squeeze bottle or is that a scraper I see?

Thanks for the feedback.

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I’m updating my SOP… :kissing_heart: