New flavors, cannabis Terp drop

Terpenes Cannabis, Derived New flavors dropping
limited amounts available

Hundred percentđź’Ż% pure cannabis derived!!!

NO Botanicals added, or blended in

very limited amounts available

-Ice cream cookies
-Hawaiin Pineapple’s haze
-Purple hood candy
-Strawberry Guava Gelato
-Garlic truffles
-Strawberry Cookies

in stock now

Alaska Diesel
Gelato 33
Afgooy Kush
White fire OG
Afghan skunk
wedding crasher


Hello good day, really nice prices, i would like to know if this cannabis derived terpenes are from hemp or familiar smokeable THC strains? cannabinoid free regardless im sure? thanks


What’s the pricing


If it has Fire Terps, I will extract! Whether it’s traditional cannabis, or cannabis that has THC delta nine levels below .3% at time of extraction.

pricing on Terps listed below

More than 5L $7 / ml

More than 2L $8 / ml

Less than 2L $9 / ml

Less than 500mL $10 / ml

Less than 250mL $11 / ml

Less than 200 mL$12 / mL

Less than 150 mL $13 / mL

Less than 100 mL $14 / mL

Less than 50 mL $16 / mL

Less than 25 mL $18 / mL

Less than 15 mL $20 /mL

Less than 10 mL $40 /mL

Less than 5 mL $60 /mL

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions comments or concerns.

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Where are you located

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Between Oregon and Hawaii