New facility, used equipment for sale

So over the next few days I will continually update this posting as it is for a new facility I’m with and they have a serious surplus of extraction equipment and all sorts of other post processing equipment as well.

A full c1d1 rated 40’ connex, just needs hvac.

A 4” falling film

50L Rotovap Xtractor Depot turn key unit. Two rotating ball flasks. $8k

Multiple spd turn key setups

12-18” filtration columns

Turn key 45L centrifuge for etoh

A bunch more that I will be catagorizong and cleaning over the next few days and posting photos of each.

There is a Airtable link avaliable to see the bulk items which I will get upon request for those interested.

Let me know if you need something specific I’m sure we have it in the warehouse, thank you.

All pricing is being listed below along with photos and descriptions.


Looking for a ball valve or two for a closed loop im putting together, got any ~2" triclamp ball valves by chance?

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Got quit a few boxes full of them actually, when I’m back on Friday I’ll dm you just let me know how many you’d like and we should have them

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Sounds great, thank you!

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Brand and price for the 50L roto please :pray:

Iirc it’s a USA labs dual condenser 50L turn key setup, I’ll check on what they would like for it in the morning, still working on compiling the list of it all. I’ll make sure to dm tomorrow after getting a answer.

Thank you very much and where is the equipment located ?


Just looked at the list says it’s the Xtractor depot not USA labs, damn things look identical.

But not a problem, near Bakersfield ca

4” custom falling film, it has been ran and will be cleaned prior to sale. Turn key setup.

The 40’ connex thats built for c1d1 just needs lights that we have put in and the hvac. $25k

The 45L centrifuge is right there to the right in the connex, comes turnkey and will be cleaned up. Fully functional.

There is a 22L SPD4 from summit avaliable turn key setup with the techno heat mantle all glass has been kiln cleaned and packaged up.

SPD4 hb1 head full turn key will be $26,800 ( chiller, cold finger, vac setup)

Non turn key $18,000

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Send me a price on the glass only. I might be interested. With shipping to Vancouver.

They would like to sell as a complete unit instead of parting out.

I just got two new mantles, but I would always be interested in spare glass.

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I’ll double check to see if there is any spare glass, iirc they had some, there’s also a dual head 10L

Will likely have a turn key 100L glass reactor avaliable as well

I’ll be onsite tomorrow morning for anyone interested in the items.

For those who asked about the spd4 I’m still getting prices down and will have a list avaliable by the evening

More photos to come!

Any cart fillers or capping machines

None sorry.

Been a long day, fork lift got stuck at one point :man_facepalming:t3:

I’ll get pictures tomorrow after everything is cleaned up for those who have asked about items. Prices will be posted for each item available as well. There is some stainless that will be available as it’s all in boxes and I gotta see what’s what and where.

Was that thing built by the 3rd Reich?