New england hemp growers and processors

Massachusetts is at the beginning of getting hemp program online and I wanted to see if we had any growers on future4200. Right now everything is meant to be grown and processed in state. Do we have many north east people here. I’m going to start getting us all working together.


Be great to connect!

Up here in Maine ! Currently processing hemp via ethanol extraction. Licensed food processing licensed. Nice to link up !

We cultivate and process in VT, and have looked to expand to MA. Our concern is that MA is going to over-regulate and license the process. In Vermont the laws are very favorable for growers and processors, the state really cares and takes care of the industry there.


+1 to VT- I am in Wisconsin now but was living in VT for the past five years, my dad is growing out there now- awesome state best tasting produce I’ve ever had.

Hey Amoha,

We at HempShire are up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, perm vacation haha.

Vertical Integration and Industrial Hemp Processing ISO9001:2015 and cGMP prepped.

Always looking to connect with anyone in the industry

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Yes Jeff Milliron here of Naturae Oils LLC, Hoosick falls NY. Co2 extraction, VTA distillation and greenhouse and outdoor hemp growing. We primarily sell full spec/distillate or t free distillate, always looking for more well cured smokeable hemp. .0-.3% thc.

Agriculture is almost all there is in VT. Population is dwindling, dairy industry is collapsing, the Vermont Dept. AG is counting on this business to restart the economy and agriculture industry. At least farm CSAs are cheap and high quality beer is available in every store in the neighborhood. Supposedly commercial rec will get finished in the next year or so…

Hemp regulations for VT were just released though, so if you’re dad is growing hemp make sure he reads them.

How’s it going everyone, any one looking for a farm hand? Currently in New Jersey working for a greenhouse company. We service Home Depot garden centers, while it’s a job, I’m looking for experience towards my career goals. Would love to connect if possible. Can provide references and any additional info. Thank you

Hey there, Vermont product maker here. I make small-batch hand-crafted CBD oil with Vermont-grown hemp. My business is new; I just launched a few months ago. I’m in 6 stores now and am looking for more retailers!

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We are growers in western Mass. We are a wholesale nursery but have planted several acres of hemp this year. We thought we had a buyer, but a contract was never signed, and we have a harvest approaching in October. Hoping to connect with other growers and processors.

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