NEW CNC Packaging C-SOLO V2. Filling Machine

Hey Everyone,

The team here at CNC Packaging Inc are working on some exciting new things for 2022! Today we want to share with you the newest version of our semi automatic table top filling machine the C-SOLO.

Features include:

  1. Hands free foot pedal operation

  2. High pressure injection cylinder for filling thicker formulations at lower temperatures

  3. Stainless steel syringe with zero heavy metals and .02 ml. ± fill accuracy

  4. Separate temperature controls on the vessel and syringe for optimum temperature calibration

  5. Vessel capacity of 500ml, and is non pressurized so it can be easily refilled mid operation.

  6. The C-SOLO syringe filling capacity is offered in 1.1ml. and our new 3ml. versions. The new 3ml. version is superb for operators who wish to fill larger items such as tincture bottles, larger disposable tanks/cartridges, pods, e.t.c

  7. Every new C-SOLO also comes with a special attachment for filling luer lock syringes with ease

  8. Lastly the newest and most popular feature to date is our handy Dual Needle Pod Attachment for filling pods!

Overall the C-SOLO has an extremely low maintenance design, very low over head cost, and is 100% made in America.

All of the new features are demonstrated in the video below




Price please


I am interested in the price as well. Ive built solutions very similar using china pneumatic fillers and tenco heads. If the price is better…

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I sent you all the price in your personal inboxes. Anyone else reading this can send me a message directly about price. I am free to answer any and all questions in here. Cheers!



starts at $10k :expressionless:


That seems like an absurd price tag for this thing.

Anyone know the price on vapejet?


Vapejet is in the 40k range.


A jet fueler is also 10k. It seems that is the going rate for continuous syringe pumps that do 1ml dispenses

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The jet fueler looks a bit nicer for the money. These things are glorified butter dispensers.

“Contact for pricing” is always a bit annoying to me. Put the range of prices if there are options or the units are modular.


We acknowledge this is not important to some people in the space but the C-SOLO’s are 100% manufactured here in Knoxville Tennessee. There are a lot of cheaper options on the market but you get what you pay for. People buy from us not only because we have a world class product but we treat our customers like family. All of our products come with life time tech support, and a 1 year warranty on parts and service.

Are they made in the US, or assembled in the US? Is every component inside the machine American made?

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The vessel, syringe, and stand are made here in the us. The box, some pneumatic and electronic components are sourced over seas, but all the assembly is done here as well.

No UL listing?

Not currently.

Ok, sounds standard too. Can we get a consistent couple minutes of yall filling carts to see what that 10k do?

@cncpackaginginc I’m only about a 90 min drive from Knoxville. Anyway I can come check y’all out in person at some point?


We have a live video of it filling all the different variations of hardware but currently no media of the C-SOLO filling for a couple minutes(She can run forever if you treat her right though). If you want to send me some sample carts I am more than willing to fill in a video for 3 minutes to demo for y’all. Or you can come visit us here. We will gladly give you a tour, and a live demo!

Hey ky_cbd,

We would be honored to have you down to visit. The same goes for anyone who reads this. We love bringing people into our world, sharing ideas, and helping when we can. Below is our address. Feel free to reach out to me via email to schedule a tour, or if you just simply wanna say “what’s up” that’s cool too.

3211 Regal Drive Ste. E
Alcoa, Tn. 37701