NEW Cart Filler with Glass Tube

Introducing the cart filler made out of glass with an encased stainless steel cover to prevent it from breaking!
It can fill from .5ml-2.5ml, this is the newly and improved cart filler. No more cracking plastic tubes, as you know terps degrade plastic, so that is why we can came out with the glass tube!

Use code SHARRB for 20% off on our website SHARRB.COM

We also have stores that carry us in LA and Detroit Michigan, if you are interested in local pickup/delivery call or text 213-440-6195
Comes with warranty and full customer service, book a facetime tutorial free after purchase!
WHOLESALE TEXT 213-440-6195

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Have any off these actually sold yet? Been seeing people say they preordered from you months ago and still haven’t gotten anything

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Yes we sold a lot of them recently, whoever pre ordered them should have gotten them a while ago, ask them again if they had received it as all pre orders has been fulfilled.

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