New Cannabis Derived Terpenes

Hey Everyone,

Finally back, and we just launched some pretty amazing CDTs. I have been dabbling in extracted terpenes for a while and decided to finally offer some. We have about 5 listed atm with much more coming including hemp derived. We also can do custom batches of flower with a newer process that has been developed.

Currently 40% off for Future 4200 members with code: FUTURE

Current CDTs:

  • Standard OG (:fire::fire: Dankest Kush/OG profile I’ve had to date :fire::fire:)
  • Jack Herer
  • Blue Dream
  • Fire OG
  • Berry White
  • GDP


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anyone try these guys or try the canna trerps from peak supplyco?

has anyone tried these?

40 a ml ? Man I thought once hemp came through terp prices would go down… canna Terps go for that much I just find it odd the two are at the same price point t but if you can get that much for it more power to ya

Yeah these are all cannabis derived. We are putting up two hemp derived varieties soon. Hemp terps are around $15 to $20.

Oh ok thanks for the clarity that’s a fair price then

What method do you use for terpene extraction?