NEW 50L Rotovap for sale --- SOLD

Item: Rotary evaporator 50L

Location: California

Price: $5200 = Rotovap only.
$7500 Rotovap with 1X chiller and 1X vacuum pump
Brand NEW, never used.

50L Rotary Evaporator with Motor lift

Highly Chemical Resistance-All components that make contact with liquids and gases are made of
borosilicate glass 3.3 and PTFE
PID temperature controller ensures accurate temperature
1-way check valve automatically turns off when draining the receiving flask. The pressure inside evaporator won’t be changed during draining

Is this set still available? Any additional information about the set such as the chiller and vac pump models?

yes, the unit still available.
Here’s some more information for you to check. its a full setup that no extra item needed, brand new and easy to install.
50L rotovap: rotation flask:50L, receiving flask:30L, speed:0- 120rpm, motor power: 250W
chiller: -20°C to room temp, power: 4.5KW, single phase, 220V/ 50-60HZ
Pump: flower rate: 80L/min, volume: 50L, single phase, 220V/ 50-60HZ

How much for a 5L (110V)?

5L rotovap is $2500, 25 days of lead time.
The listed 50L is located in California and ready to go.

Is this still available? What exact pump and chiller does this come with?

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5L for $2500
10L rotovap for $3000
20L for $3500
50L for $5200

So a 5L and 10L are the same price?

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50L turnkey at 7500?

$500 difference between 5L, 10L, and 20L. Sorry that I put it in a wrong number.

Yes, $7500 for 50L rotovap mainbody+ chiller+ vacuum pump.