New 5 acre farm in Kentucky looking for knowledge

Hey Guys,

My wife and I just bought a 5 acre mini farm just outside Lexington, KY. I’m looking to get into the
Hemp business, maybe 3/4 acres of growth. It looks like for a farm that size that going the smokeable flower route might be most profitable for me. My question is Kentucky limits the sale of the whole hemp bud to people with higher education approval or persons approved by their states department of agriculture pursuant to 7 U.S.C. 5940. So it seems that you can’t just sell the hemp bud to anyone if you grow in Kentucky. Are there people out there with these licenses that are looking to buy whole hemp bud or are they all growing their own?




Yes smokable hemp is very popular right now. CBD stores are popping up all over right now.

Smokable hemp in Kentucky is a big no no. Only people with the flower handling licenses can handle/process the hemp flower. Your end customers need to have this license. They have it in big bold font on the kentucky ag website to not sell smokable hemp if you are a handler/processor.

As far as finding people to buy, there is a curated list of processors on the kentucky agriculture website with names, phone numebrs, email, etc. Your best bet, as a grower, is to go down the list of processors, introduce yourself and state what your trying to do. Make connections and surely one of them will be interested in buying.

Everything you need is here on the right hand side under forms and documents “Processor/Handler list”


Weird. In TN you don’t even need a permit to process, only to grow.

We buy smokeble hemp all over the US. We are based in Colorado. Maybe we can help we are licensed commodity handlers. Dm me if interested

I’ve been reading the Kentucky ag requirements for sale and it looks like you can still sell smokeable hemp to someone outside of the state of Kentucky as long as they are approved by their states agriculture department or hold a license. Any Kentucky growers have experience with this? I know selling it to the public and any Kentucky producer that is going to use it as smokeable is a big no no. Thanks is advance everyone.


I am a Tennessee grower but I am from Kentucky and have several grower friends there. As far as I know, you guys being able to sell to other states is still an open question. North Carolina is supposed to allow this option even as they voted to ban smokable instate. Friends of mine who have stores tell me they are allowed to carry concentrates. I know what I would be focusing on.

Thanks James I appreciate the response!!

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