Neo Farms 7lb Shredder / grinder available!


Pickup this shredder / grinder to process hundreds-of-pounds of biomass per hour!

Half of the cost of a brand-new unit.

The 7lb shredder can process around 7lbs of material in 10-15 seconds depending on moisture levels.
The grinder uses whips rather than blades so there is never any powder unless you want powder.
The system is built in the USA. A single operator can process 200+ lbs a hour.

Weight: 50Lbs
Motor: 3/4 horse dayton UL
Timer: 1-15 seconds UL
Power: 120V/50hz/60hz
Material: Stainless Steel
Whips: Nylon 6/6 food grade

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How much?


I suppose theres nothing stopping me from grabbing two weed eaters and a funnel…

I’m intrigued… How much?


Haha! Totally, but the right tool for the job is priceless…

In this case, the right tool is $3,000. New units are $6,225.

To be clear: I’m asking $3,000 for one used & functional unit.

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Garbage equipment.

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Says a struggling competitor :rofl::man_shrugging:


shots fired!


I meannnnnnnn… :rofl::man_shrugging:

He might be struggling because of the quality of the product they put out. They were the first ones I saw do a certain process first. I was able to help another member with their process, and wouldn’t you know? They helped this other member by giving recommendations, and being a part of the solution. In true Futurian form, information was freely given, with good will.

But I digress, I’m somebody that’s having hard times. MUCH harder times then I ever could have imagined that I was going to face. But adversity is keeping me going. I guess the product I would be selling would be myself. Does me being in this situation make me a shittier product to sell?

I said all of that just to say… They have proven themselves to be valuable members of this community, and on a grander scope the processing community at large with proven tested equipment. I don’t think anybody (if/if not It’s NOT my mother fucking business!) being on hard times make their product a lesser product. Nor them a lesser person! Shit happens man… We all shovel it, and some days the pile is higher than others. BUT, we ALL shovel it!

In closing, I read allot around here and I can’t recall your name from anything other than here. Maybe I missed some of your posts, but YOU haven’t been much of a member. Flying under the radar is OK! BUT you don’t get the privilege of calling out a dedicated member about shit that is NOT your mother fucking business! His product is pretty solid, and if I were in the market I would approach them. Sorry, I don’t know anyone on the market looking for a giant ball washer.
HOWEVER, There are plenty of people here who’s balls wouldn’t even fit in your product for a proper cleaning! (I’m NOT one of those people believe you me!) I’m just a man, like him, trying to make tomorrow better than today.
The moral of this soliloquy is tomorrow YOU could be facing a shit pile much bigger than you ever thought you could ever handle, but you’ll still be selling shitty equipment…

Thanks for the feedback man.

Sold - thanks everyone for looking!

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