Needing CBD tincture mixing instructions

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I’m needing some guidance on how to make my own CBD tinctures. This is purely for personal use/information and not for large scale production. The CBD tincture mixing info is for use of raw materials, like (isolate, distillate, and crude). The raw materials will be suspended in MCT oil using the typical 30ml bottles. For the matter of this discussion and mathematics, I would like to achieve four 3000mg tincture 30ml bottles in a batch.

I have a good handle on how to use CBD isolate. Just measure the isolate in mg that is needed (12000mg). Measure the MCT oil needed and place into a beaker (just under 120ml). Place the isolate into the beaker. Place beaker on a magnetic stirrer and let it go for about 30 to 45 min. Pour mixed isolate/MCT into the four tincture 30ml bottles. Done.

Now to my guidance questions; Mixing the full/broad distillate or crude into MCT oil to make tincture. I am only guessing, but I would think I would need to heat the ingredients on a hotplate magnetic stirrer. From some of the searching I’ve done on this forum, I would guess somewhere around 140F (60C) to 160F (71C). I’m also only guessing that the amount or distillate or crude would be as if I was using isolate. Using my above example, I would need to measure out 12000mg (12g) of either distillate or crude into the MCT oil (just under 120ml). From some of the forum posts, I would guess to mix on heat for about an hour and then off heat for another hour. Am I even close to being correct? Is there any suggestions or tips?



Probably close enough…

Your distillate and crude have potencies that are below 100%. So you actually need to up the volume.

Eg for crude at 70% CBD, instead of 1200mg, you would use 12000/0.7 or 17140mg

For distillate at 87% CBD you’d use 12000/0.87 => 13790mg

You’ll also want to subtract that 17 or 14ml “addition” from your 120ml of MCT if you want your numbers to be on point.

Assuming your crude is decarbed, you also don’t need to heat or stir anywhere near that long. 10min should suffice.


Thanks for the info and tips!!! And thanks for explaining what is needed in measurement to get the strength I’m after. Is the temperature correct for both or do I need to modify between the distillate and crude?


Around 70 is a great spot, it will work on the crude, isolate, and distillate.


Fantastic!!! Thanks again for the info! Is there any other recommendations or gotchas from lessons learned?

dunno. temp seems close. you’re not going to hurt anything if you stay below 100C and don’t leave it for hrs. let’s call that an “exercise for the reader…”. it’s not rocket surgery :wink:


Ok. I figured out the basics of mixing both crude and distillate into MCT oil for 30ml tinctures batches. Thanks for all the info! I know I’m very new to all this CBD mixing. I started mixing my own tinctures to save money for my family and friends.

My next question; Is there anything more to it? Can I mix a little crude into my distillate MCT 30ml tinctures? If so, how much? Is there something else that is added to the mixture for my 30ml tinctures?

Please DM me if this needs to be off forum.


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Crude has awesome extra benefits, but it doesn’t taste great in tinctures. I like the taste Personally, but it tickles my throat in a way I don’t love. Best to do is to do a 1:1 iso/crude or dist/crude
Or even a 2:1 for less taste. Just pay attention to your percentages on your COA.

Personally I don’t like adding flavor additives, but sometimes that’s what the ppl want!


Take the mg of distillate or crude and divide that by the volume of your bottle (in this case 30ml) assuming it has the standard 1ml dropper. Times that number by whatever percent of the compound your looking to measure… so say you have 90% cbd then take your final number and multiply it by .90 and it gives you the cbd mg/ml

example formula of 2 grams distillate that tests at 90% cbd into a 30ml bottle with a 1ml dropper

2000mg/30ml=66.666mg/ml x.90%= 59.99999 mg of cbd per 1ml dropper


@Kinsmanofthesun and @thesk8nmidget, THANKS! Y’all are assume!

I guess I will need to work out some sort of formulation in Excel to make it easier to mix. I almost feel like a mad scientist with all the beakers and measuring out raw materials. Then placing it on a Hot Pad magnetic mixer and let it go. :slight_smile: It’s almost like a hobby.

Thank you so very much!! This forum has some really great info for pros and novice alike! Me being a novice :wink:

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Excel 100%. Find someone that is good with numbers to double check behind you as well. Unless you’re a wiz that shot can get a little much to digest if you’re making multiple formulations.


@Kinsmanofthesun, Excel is my friend. I use Excel almost everyday at my current job. I’m no pro, but I’m no novice at it either. These formulations though are a little new to me. Just need to work it out. Unless someone here has a sample Excel sheet that they would be willing to share? :nerd_face:

Again, Thank y’all!

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Getting the math right once, then training my computer to do it next time has long been my coping strategy :shushing_face:


I use excel for literally everything at work, batch records, hplc test results, blending, expenses.

Repeatability and lack of human error is a must in this field!

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Thanks for sharing the formulas and tek’s @cyclopath @thesk8nmidget Currently going to try something similar on some MCT carrier with sunflower surfactant.

Great post/info everybody @CClumpy ,@Kinsmanofthesun , etc :pray:t2:

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