Need to establish distribution channels

Have the following with COAs coming in next week. Please send a DM if you are interested.

Kg crude CBD$350-500 depending on quality.

CBD Isolate $1k kg

Full spectrum $1300-1700/liter

Broad spectrum NDT (t-free) $2,000-2400


I’m selling over all Spain. If you can send me some samples i can make some sales for you

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Is it synthetic? Your name led me to ask.

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No it’s hemp derived like everyone else’s stuff.

Ok cool… name just threw me for a loop can you send coa for isolate?

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Interested in the crude.

COA should be here by COB or tomorrow by COB.

Hey man, I emailed you this weekend.
I’m interested…

Still looking to get any type of deal done. Looking for some monthly contracts or long term contract. No MOQ but bulk orders will help you.

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