Need Thc crude in bulk ! Southern California

I am looking to purchase bulk quantity of THC crude . Non winterized BHO preferred but anything is workable. I am Located in Los Angeles area , ready to move on a deal ASAP. Please DM me with a quote and the products lab results.

Thanks ,


Crude in LA?

Hey Ive got winterized, decarbed, and carbon scrubed crude in LA. Hit me up

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Hey there! I have crude with full cat 3 COAs. Annually licensed and can deliver anywhere in the state.
Email me for a quote

@extracts what’s app 858 213 9044

Hitting you up now.

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Contact me at

Hello Dan

Just checking to see if your order was filled yet? And if not are you looking for state compliant product?

Would love to work with you guys. We are licensed as well. (Adelanto, CA)

Would love to work with you guys. We are licensed as well. (Adelanto, CA)

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Sorry for the late response. I just noticed I missed your message. Glad to know your in the area. That makes things a whole lot easier. What licenses do you possess?

Type 7, Distribution, (5) Retail, Cultivation

Sorry for the late response but that is great that you guys have all those licenses, congratulations.
I look forward to doing some work together. Do you guys use fresh frozen at all? I have about 700 pounds in stock right now.

Have u had it tested, is it clean and what is the THC content

It’s clean but i’m waiting on the test results from the lab of a batch that we ran. I know we had a 17% return and it’s nice and terpy. I’ll put up results when they come in.
The product is gone but there should be more coming in.

How much are you asking plz email me

Prices for crude oil

Sorry the product is gone but we might have more coming in soon.

Winterized BHO THC Crude and Fresh Frozen available.

DM, email or email

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