Need Suggestions for a GOOD new hot mixing plate

Hey guys i have had problems with my hot mixing plate for about 4-6 months now and im finally ready to buy a new one this time and not cheap out. Give me some suggestions. The one i currently have doesnt spin fast at all on medium or low temps with thicker disty. The video i will show below is disty with about 10-15% terps added and barely spinning on medium temp. I dont want to burn off the terps thats why i dont raise it above medium temp. Also the video below is as fast as i can get it to spin before it just tweaks out and wiggles back and forth. The mixing pill also wont spin if the speed knob is about 1/3 of the way or higher.

disregard the cartridges capped/uncapped theyre half filled leftovers from a batch of 50, i just didnt feel like capping them after waiting so long tbr

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I’ve always missed working with this one

Yo that thing looks sick! I was looking for something a little cheaper but if you can vouch ill really consider that one

@ky_cbd whyd you get rid of it?

just my 2 cents… why spend $700 on a magnetic stirrer when you can get a cat x1000 for an extra stack from @qma

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I actually have that one you linked. It was donated to the cause by a friend who owns a lab…just happened to have a extra lol.

I very much prefer it over my garbage china stirrer…it’s a Cadillac. I like how it ramps the mag stirrer rpm, really helps find the sweet spot.


@Twistedstill are you referring to the Amazon link that ky_cbd sent?

Yes I am


Awesome. Does it spin and homogenize thick disty/terps fast? My problem is slow spinning leading to slow or uneffective homogenization?

I use a homogenizer for homoginizing.

It mixes thick stuff just fine in my experience.


How hot is that? That looks thick

Ive heard alot of complaints on other threads about homogenizers doing a shitty job like leaving traces of metal, or not fully mixing. But just curious which one do you use if you seem to like it so much.

Also what is the point of using a homogenizer and then using a heating plate stirrer to mix it afterwards? Forgive me in probably confused on your standard operation of procedure

I have two scilogex hotplates that work great that you can grab. Send me a dm.

Homogenizers actually get you an even mix where as a stir bar on a hot plate won’t

There’s a thread on here where someone was making candy and they couldn’t get within 10% potency difference per package like the state required

They did some testing and figured out that it was because they weren’t using a homogenizer

You only heat the liquid up to get it viscious enough to mix with the terpenes, the homogenizer itself creates alot of heat so you have to be careful not to over cook whatever you’re mixing

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Cause I am out of stock lol

Thats ultrasonics and cheapo homogenizers.

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