Need sop or manual for 710 shark filler

How’s it going guys I bought a shark 710 shark filler for a solid deal. They just didn’t have the manual Or sops to run it I was seeing if anyone had a good one they could share with me or help me out with. Thanks

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710shark_user_manual_v8.pdf (298.7 KB)


Awesome thanks is the Preventative Maintenance Manual pretty much it for the manuals.

Idk just googled “710 shark sop” and that was the first result :rofl:


Lol :joy: well much appreciated everything helps


If you haven’t bought it, don’t. The SOP for anything Convectium is to trash it and move on to something from @VapeJet

Just giving you experience from someone who did 6 figure business with Convectium and regretted every bit of it.

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I got it for a pretty good deal I just need it to fill this one order of 50k carts I have a Thompson duke acf1 and a mcf1 coming in the next two weeks also this order just needs to be finished in like a week and half lol.

This is what convectium sent us in addition to the preventative maintenance manual. This is from a couple of years ago now but they shouldn’t have changed that much. Hope this helps
710Shark FillingMachine OperationManual v2.1.pdf (3.6 MB)

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